Links, Tintin and Snowy, Tintin on the Net

It has been a busy week in Tintinland.

Links, Tintin and Snowy, Tintin on the Net

Phthoggos (LiveJournal& FlickR) has put together a sketchbook on FlickR of Tintin drawings by comics artists. It features lots of artist who I don’t recognize but here are a couple I do.

Alex Robinson, writer and artist of the fantastic Box Office Poison:
<img src="" width="365" alt="tintin-robinson" align="center"

Bryan Lee O’Malley writes and draws my favourite Canadian manga, Scott Pilgrim

Links, Tintin and Snowy, Tintin on the Net

Chris of Comics 212 documents his trip to Japan which included a trip to a Japanese Tintin Store completed with the Tintin albums reformatted to more closely resemble manga books.

Tintin Manga Format

Rather than shrinking the art, they decided instead to cut-and-paste the panels and pages to create a thicker, more ‘manga-sized’ expeirence. And in black and white too. I’d be surprised if this particular translation/reformat wasn’t actually handled in France, because it’s pretty-much a note-perfect translation of the stories from one format to another. I picked up one of these for a diehard Tintin fan that we know, and he loved it. Cool beans!

Harajuku Part 2: Peanuts, Tintin, Moomin

Rumours, Tintin and Snowy, Tintin on the Net, Tintin's Friends

The Inveresk Street Ingrate has an excellent suggestion about which book to make as the third film.

Tintin And The Mystery Of The Golden Fleece plus Tintin And The Blue Oranges, the first and second live action Tintin films made in 1960’s seem to be available in Australia. No sign of them having a UK or US release.

Le Tintin Movie, despite its name, is an English language blog about the Tintin Movie.

Crooked Timber has a great post and an excellent discussion in the comments on advice to (American) Librarians about Tintin in America

Picked up from the Crooked Timber post is this page of what Captain Haddock says in the Danish editions of the Tintin books including “Pocket-Mussolini! Mackerel-eater! Carnival pirate! Fatbladder!” .

Dom Joly is mad about Tintin.

A Tintin fire escape on Flickr.