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I almost lived out one of my worst nightmares…I looked online to find The Adventures of Tintin:The Imax Experience 3D and almost every theatre in my state wasn’t showing it. The few IMAX theatres that were showing anything are playing Mission Impossible 4…But at the last moment I found a place 30 minutes away that’s showing it on Thursday. I am SO excited. I’ve been waiting so terribly long, just like the rest of you. Honestly, it’s been a lot of fun to have something worth looking forward to. I would say I can’t wait to see the movie but…I can wait a little more.
I’m debating about whether or not to buy popcorn. Sure, I’ve waited years and years for this, but is any popcorn, no matter how good, worth ten bucks??? Wow…
By the way, here’s an awesome new TV spot. My favorite part is the beginning. Honestly, I never liked it much when Tintin said ”Great Snakes!”…but I absolutely love how Jamie Bell pulled it off.

Tintin Movie Trailers

Hello everybody! It’s been a few days since I last posted, but I’ve been on vacation. Also, about the only ”news” to post are videos, and I’ve been having some dificulty embeding the videos. However, you really should see them, so here are the links. One of them is particularly interesting as it compares original panels from the books with scenes from the movie. There’s no embarassment here on the advertisers part…they know it looks very close to the original art and want people to see it. Also, for those of you unfortunate souls like myself who have not yet seen the film, you can get your first flashing glimpse of Castafiore (blink and you’ll miss it) in one of these videos.






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 The blessing and curse of being familiar with the source material so well is that when we see the trailer from the movie based off of it we instantaneously recognize the sections from the book and quickly identify what has been changed and what looks the same. And our source material is a comic, meaning the fans know exactly what the story should be like AND what it should look like. Let’s focus a bit on what the latest trailer shows us about what has been left intact and what has been changed, so that whether you’re a die hard purist or an American who’s never heard of Tintin in his life, you can decide for yourself whether or not you should go see this movie.


The trailer opens with the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s ship engaged in an intense battle in the middle of a storm. In the album this scene took place on a beautiful sunny day with normal weather. For whatever reason, that just wasn’t dramatic enough for the makers of the movie, so now we’ve got a stormy fight on rough waters and a couple flaming sails for good measure. It’ll take some getting used to, but the reality is that all the changes will do is make it more impressive on screen. At least the actual Unicorn ship has remained identical. Whether you think the change was unnecessary or not, I think it will definitely be worth seeing.  I like how one critic put it in a recent article: ”Finally! Pirates without zombies!”




Sir Francis Haddock! While the weather may have changed, he looks like they copied and pasted him into the movie. And the same goes for his attitude…He’s pumped with energy and rage, ready to take down every enemy in his way. I’m looking forward to hearing him yell out an old English Haddock insult or two. In fact, one of my all time favorites is in the original French, when he yells out ”moule a goufres!”, literally ”waffle iron!” (actually I think it was in the plural but I can’t remember how to spell that). Aaah…Belgian humor…Somebody call the guys who dub the movie into French to make sure that the line makes it in there, at least in Belgium.

ship sunk

In my first post on this trailer I made it sound like the ship we see sink was the Unicorn, but actually it was the pirate ship that first sunk. We are only told about this fact by Red Rackham as we see men hauling stuff onto the sieged Unicorn. Now we get to actually see it happen. I think the cinema really is the perfect way to show the pirate ship battle.

I think a good reason for them adding a bit more drama to the weather and the battle in general is because the treasure they are fighting for is greater now.  Whatever it is is powerful and valuable, and apparently cursed too. The original fight felt like a fun old fashioned pirate movie, and that suits a chest full of jewels fine, but any fight for a thing that can change the course of history needs a scene more ominously set.


They kept the part with Tintin using the wooden beam as a battering ram! I always wanted to see that in 3D…


Poor Haddock is convinced that they are saved from harm. Right about now it looks like Tintin is noticing those Moroccan markings on the side. Before he has time to process what that means…


…they get shot at…Kalli suggested that the pilot meant to aim at the middle but the plane’s new double guns prevented them from hitting them. This is probably the actual explanation the makers were going for here. I looked up the original scene, and the plane has normal guns there. Surely somebody else, like me, must have said ”no WAY would they have missed that shot!” and then came up with this great idea so that they would. These guys are actually concerned that the audience will think the action movie is unrealistic! And this coming from Spielberg! You ought to see it just for that. Of course, later on we have Tintin swinging on the remains of a bike, but that’s so cool we don’t care if it’s possible or not.


Here’s another one of those things we know happens in the book but do not actually see happen: Haddock falling into the water. In one panel they are on top, in the next they are soaked. All these years later, Weta designed the splash for us to see that we had only imagined. And it’s huge! Come to think of it, probably not many Tintin fans put down ”The Secret of the Unicorn” wishing they could have seen Haddock make a splash…I’m weird that way…

wrong side

They decided to just have a little fun with this scene…Somehow Haddock seems to get about everywhere on the outside of this plane! People who saw this footage at Comic-Con have described the scene (warning: spoilers in this part). Tintin is running low on gas…very low on gas…and cries out ”we’re running on fumes!”. So Haddock runs out to check the tank, and it occurs to him that maybe if he belches into the tank the plane can run on that. And then he gets hit by lightning. This should be quite something to watch. It’s an excellent example of something only the early not quite sober Haddock would do.


Evil Sakharine and his thugs. It’s interesting that, even though he was never a villain in the book, he is still dressed the same as he did in it. His outfit, his face, it all fits the part. I will miss the Bird Brothers a bit, but not much. Sakharine is about 6 times scarier than those two wimps. 


I love the faces these guys have! Even in low quality, you can see the worry and caution on their faces. These faces have no dead eyes..they are ready to hit the silver screen. 


”Geronimo!” Some have seen the sidecar, as well as nearly any other cool action scene not in the book or not like in the book, as an attempt by Spielberg of trying to ”Indianajonesize” Tintin. But really all he did was add some really cool action sequences to fill time, add interest, and make trailers look cool.


This would be one of those scenes that makes trailers look cool. Remember folks, if you’re interested in seeing stuff from the storyline and the book, it’s in the movie. But the story itself doesn’t have much action, so it doesn’t show up as much in the trailers. It’s evident though in the design of the world and the characters and in little bits they kept in like Barnaby at the market, Tintin’s house ransacked, Thompson falling down the stairs, Silk taking the wallets, the Unicorn and Rackham’s ship fighting, the broken wall revealing the basement, etc They did not just take the basic skeleton of the story and mold it how they wanted…they put lots of effort into generally keeping fans happy. Jackson I’ve sure had something to do with all this as well, who pretty much learned to read with the books! 

And if you have never even read the book and are wondering whether this is just some kids movie THINK AGAIN. This will not just be another Spielberg movie…it will be even better. It’ll have wonderful characters, great locations, car chases, pirate ship battles, thrilling special effects in the 3D that really works, intrigue, comedy and a John Williams soundtrack to finish it off.

Tintin Movie Trailers

Trailers and TV spots are coming out almost daily! In fact, they ARE coming out daily! I can hardly keep up with them. Oh, it feels so great to see these guys after years of waiting for this!

And the best thing is, this trailer’s in English.

The trailer is essentially a translation of the Spanish trailer that came out a few days ago, but with a bit more footage only seen in this trailer so far. We finally get to see Sir Francis Haddock!

Apparently I’ve taken too many screenshots lately because my computer is literally telling me I don’t have permission to store any more…I’ll fix that soon. Anyway, some new French TV spots have come out I’ll post about soon as well. Once the advertisements die down, I’ll make a collection of the best select screenshots.

Video: MSN Exclusive: The Adventures of Tintin – trailer

The trailer gives a bit more information on the treasure they will be looking for: people have been searching for hundreds of years for this, and it could change history. We are definitely not talking about a dinky box of jewels. This could even be something supernatural, (one of the trakcs in the soundtrack is called ”Red Rackham’s curse”). I expect many purists won’t like this much. I think most of us like to think of the Tintin adventures as adventures that really COULD have happened (indeed, for some of us, it’s almost as if they DID happen with us) and for that reason flight 714 threw me off a bit when I first read it. And it makes the film feel even more like an Indiana Jones film. I am not really against it, but a lot of it depends on what the treasure is. I’m all for adding more power and value to the treasure…but if it comes to making Sakharine want try to ”rule the world”, we might be pushing the limits just a bit. In any case, even in the book, the story was never about the treasure itself, but more about the adventure of getting it. That’s what we really want to see.

By the way, I think since we see the ship sink and there are,after all, coordinates on the clues, it’s very possible that there might be, however brief, an actual voyage to find the lost ship. When Tintin says ”If we don’t find that ship before Sakharine, it’s all over!” he’s PROBABLY referring to a model, but he could be talking about the real thing…
Or maybe they’ll realize where the treasure is before they set out. We’ll see…

EXCELLENT find, lalunafelis!

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I said I would do a screenshot post of the Spanish trailer, and I will, but my internet hasn´t worked all day until now. 3 weeks before the movie’s premiere is NOT a good time for my internet to die. But it works now! And there is yet another TV spot in German to watch! I love the German translations for ”Tintin and Snowy”

Honestly, I have NO idea what is up with the cows. I guess that will just be a mystery we´ll find out about when we see the movie! Not much else is new in this TV spot. However, I did notice that right as they pause Snowy´s name it looks like there are a bunch of yellow tins of crab from the crab with the golden claws! We also know from the videogame trailer that the crab symbol shows up on the back of the motorcycle with the sidecar. We don´t know how that will tie in with the story, but Omar Ben Salaad is probably still up to no good with those tins, however they´ve adapted the story.

Good find, Britto!

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Finally! A piece of news from another country in a language I understand fluently! Yes!

The trailer reveals several things, but the biggest thing it did for me was remind me how happy I am that I get to see the movie in it’s original language and not the voices they chose in Spanish. They’re not…bad…but I prefer the English voices for sure.

I’ll do a screen shot post in the future, but at the moment my internet is going so slow I haven’t even been able to buffer the last 6 seconds of the video. Key things to notice is that Sakharine is driving the red jeep Meccano made that the Thompson’s drive in ”The Land of Black Gold”, and that they do indeed keep the scene, at least to some degree, where Tintin smashes through the wall in Marlinspike’s basement. I’ll give a full translation in my screenshot post, but actually Vlad did an excellent job if you can’t wait in a comment on the German video. Haddock was not raising his hands to surrender, but praising God for the ”divine sign” of a plane coming to rescue them. And then he gets shot at by one of the worst shots in Hollywood…

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Tintin movie news can come from ANYWHERE, and this time it came from the land of ”Tim and Struppi”. This trailer is only 30 seconds, and of course it’s in German, but the images speak for themselves. However, if only because there is just one more month until the movie comes out and old habits die hard, I just HAVE to do a slightly long trailer post with screen shots. It’s too great an opportunity to pass up…

To watch the tv spot, click here

The trailer is targeted towards, I think, teenagers and above. The idea looks like it was to prove that this isn’t just your average Pixar or Dreamworks animation movie. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE many of those films! But some people may wrongly associate anything animated or cartoon looking as being intended for just children and whatever parent gets stuck taking them. Tintin is intended to appeal to all ages.

The trailer shows a good amount of the action that we can expect from the film. Truth be told, ”The Secret of the Unicorn” was not the most action packed album in Hergé´s ”canon”. And even if every single thing was maintained exactly as he painted the book, the movie would still be fairly short. I’m just glad that what they’ve inserted seems to fit in with the world Hergé drew. The locations and things thrown in were designed to make Tintin fans feel at home and remind them that while the action they are seeing (which looks AWESOME by the way) is a classic product of Hollywood and specifically Spielberg, it’s still all happening in Hergé’s world and to his characters as a few action packed extra pages of the original stories that I think even Hergé would be proud of. Still,some understandably see this and ask themselves ”what is THAT doing THERE?”. I see where you are coming from but I think you’re missing the point. Those moments are just supposed to enhance the experience,especially for Tintin fans. The average movie-goer, while perfectly capable of enjoying the movie, will never see everything in the movie that we will see.

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 9.58.54 PM

Our first blurred look at the pirates. It looks like the flashback is in for worse weather than the version we know had. I have been looking forward to this scene for years…when it ends in the movie I may almost cry. When the movie itself ends I don´t know what I´ll do…

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 9.59.45 PM

I love how fast the camera moves here! The virtual computer cameras suited this movie well as Tintin is almost hit by a car.

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.00.39 PM

Whatever Tintin’s looking at, it isn’t good. Parts of Tintin’s face, while mostly the same, somehow have changed since our first Empire picture. They almost seem to change from image to image, expression to expression. I can’t wait to see him throughout the whole movie. It’ll almost be like spenidng 2 hours with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time…

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.01.18 PM

I´m not sure where this is. Brussels? Maybe Morocco? Wherever it is, a huge crane is about to fall on Tintin, Haddock and even the Thomp(s)ons. How does a crane just fall down?

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.01.38 PM

There it is, in Omar Ben Salaad’s palace. This looks quite different from the videogame setting for this Unicorn.  The weird abstract art on the left reminds me of Hergé’s love of that style in his later days. He would have appreciated that.

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.02.10 PM

This looks incredible! It’s way darker than the original battle and looks an awful lot like Pirates of the Caribbean. But I think that is a good thing. That’s what I always wanted it to look like. Nice job on the water! I’m curious how all that fire got there from the cannon balls, but I’ll admit it does look cool…

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.02.24 PM

What a view of Omar Ben Salaad’s palace! Look at the detail! Beautiful. I want to live there…

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.02.38 PM

I love the look of the mountains, the lighting, the general feel of the shot…Very real looking camels by the way.

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.03.04 PM

I´m not even going to try to guess the exact context of this scene. I just think it’s typical, Tintin all ready to crash through the bush and  Haddock hanging half way out getting clobbered…

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.03.22 PM

Apparently I hadn´t noticed the parachute on Haddock´s back in the shot we saw before in the other trailer. Silly Haddock…I hope this movie teaches kids not to get drunk or they might grow up to climb on planes and nearly get shocked to death or chopped up by a propeller. While they are learning, we can just sit back ,try to put the bizarreness of the situation aside, and laugh. Or is the bizarreness what makes it funny?

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.03.59 PM

This is my own attempt of trying to make Tintin look more photogenic from this angle than he did in the recent gallery. While not perfect, it’s at least better I think than the last shot. You really have to see him moving. My favorite is still that French bread wallpaper of him screaming with Snowy. That’s my Mac’s wallpaper by the way…

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.04.12 PM

”Uh-oh! It’s broken!” (Is this before his parachute goes off? Does he take it off?)

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.04.27 PM

Personally, this was my favorite part. I was left watching the screen with my mouth open as Tintin’s motorcycle suddenly becomes a unicycle in midair. I just think that is the coolest idea, and what a cool angle too! I can’t wait to see this part!

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 10.04.42 PM

But what really got me was the miraculous landing on the rope sort of like Jack Sparrow would do that prevents Tintin from being killed. Just his luck! In any other movie it might seem ridiculous, but in this one it just looks amazing. I was left wanting to see more. I hope many others were too.

Who would have thought that so much could be packed into just 30 seconds? You hardly even pay attention to the lines, which I won’t to say sound like they are mostly quotes from the other trailer anyway, not that I know German. If anybody finds this, or anything else like this, in another language, please let me know. Great find Kalli!

I’m so jealous of you europeans. I’m still debating on how much of your comments to read after you have all seen the movie and love it or loathe it…We’ll see…

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I’m alive!!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it sooner! How is it the one day I know the trailer is coming out I HAD to be away from my computer for diverse reasons nearly all day? It was torture guys, torture! I see from the comments that you have all seen it already. I love the one comment that wonders if I died of shock. I laughed so hard!

Actually nearly every Tintin Movie fan on the planet must have seen this by now, but for those of you who haven’t, here are the biggest news since they announced the making of the Tintin movie all those years back: the Tintin Teaser Trailer is out!!!

Two slightly different versions were created. I prefer the one below because of a few extra seconds of footage included and the way the dramatic music starts. Believe me, I tried everything to get the YouTube link to show the video on this blog (except, apparently, whatever I need to do to get it to work). I’ve been trying for an hour! Anyway, if you hit the link below it will take you to the HD video, which is worth a full-screen watch anyhow.

Official International Tintin Trailer

Since I hope you’ll want to watch it again, check out Empire’s version here:


Time to over analyze

Sorry guys, but I just had to. I know we’ve been dying to see it all in motion, but just for analysis sake let’s go back over the whole trailer’s most notable frames:


Could Snowy possibly look any better in this image? Great way to introduce Tintin and Snowy.tintin

At the end of the video we get our clearest ever shot of Tintin’s face. It took me a bit by surprise at first, but the more I watch the trailer the more it grows on me. It looks wonderful. While in physical appearance he looks more human than Hergé’s Tintin (but come on, if they had tried to pull off his nose for this movie he would have looked totally ridiculous…) he has the same feel. He’s somewhere between being a man and a boy, but nobody knows just how old he looks. He looks heroic but at the same time not quite an adult yet. But unlike so many children’s stories that just make the villains look like complete idiots so that children can be the stars of the show, all of the formidable villains in the series respect and in a sense almost fear Tintin. Whether because of his reporter status or because of his fame in stopping crime, the villains talking at the end know who Tintin is.


The model unicorn looks so good it almost looks like a real image. Weta Digital never ceases to amaze me. Don’t miss snowy and Tintin in the reflection. Apparently Tintin isn’t finding the model ship quite the same way he does in the book. But I don’t think this is the same Unicorn you see later in the dark scene with the flashlight. My money is on this being the one Tintin gets, and the other is somebody else’s Unicorn

Tintin's street

Tintin’s street!  It looks just like his street in the books. The car really reminds me of  something Hergé would (or did) draw.


If I had to pick, this just might be my favorite part of the whole trailer. I couldn’t stop laughing!  I love this idea. This says something for how funny the Thompson ”Twins” will be in the film.

silk and thompson

Silk looks just as great as ever. This should make for a great chase scene.

Allan and guy

Here we find two characters that were never even in the same album originally: Sakharine (the guy who wanted to buy the Unicorn from Tintin) and Allan. But it seems Allan will be substituting the weaker Bird Brothers as the main villain in this story, and Sakharine made it on the Karaboudjan somehow with him as well. Another prisoner?

I am certain they put Haddock in this so little just because I said I was looking forward to seeing him in this yesterday.  This is the only time he appears, and you can barely see him. But what we can see of him looks EXACTLY like he should, so I’m happy.


The seaplane flies off to take down Tintin and Haddock!  Insert dramatic John Williams music here! (Of course, we all know the trailer music was not John William’s music, but I can’t wait to hear what he does with this scene).


The Karaboudjan in all it’s glory. (By the way the spell check loves that word. Anybody have any idea why it thinks it’s similar in any way to the word Paraboloidal? Ha ha ha…).


The unlucky guard appears to later be asked by Allan ”How could you let them escape?”. Not sure how he’ll answer to Allan, but we in the audience know it happened after Snowy bit the poor thug’s arm and then Tintin punched him half way across the ship. Go Tintin!

seaplane crash

A friend watching the trailer with me for the first time said ”Wow! That’s not how I remember that in the book, but…I like this more!” I completely agree with him.  Although we’re really stressing credibility when it comes to Tintin SURVIVING that crash, the crash itself is totally awesome. Hey, the plane did crash in the desert. Let’s let Hollywood have fun with that!

unicorn ship

The Unicorn sailing into…the desert…?

Actually, the sea itself is COVERING the desert,and the Unicorn is sailing on that. I still think that it’s just a dramatic transition between the two settings, not really a shot of the Unicorn crashing into the desert. Maybe Haddock tells the story of his ancestor while the two are walking in the desert, hence the transition. Or maybe it’s a hallucination?

dead barnaby

Look familiar anybody? This is the exact same scene that we got one of our early images from of Barnaby standing in the door. Sorry to spoil it for you guys, but it looks like Barnaby comes to leave a warning, and then gets shot from behind. He falls down right there in the doorway and Tintin races after the culprits in their awesome blue gangster car…I guess the lesson here is that Tintin should have invited Barnaby inside to have a seat instead of pointing a gun at him to let him get shot in the back…but hey, he didn’t know.

This could explain the warning sentence from the beginning. It could be Barnaby, or it could be Haddock. I think the voice could fit for both characters, but especially Haddock. I really like Tintin’s voice. I was a little worried that it would have a strong accent I didn’t like or wouldn’t match the character, but the voice matches perfectly.

The characters look great throughout the entire video. I don’t care what anybody on YouTube says, they do not look creepy or ugly like some people who love to hate anything they see. For starters the effect isn’t as bad as haters say it is in the movies that do have the Uncanny Valley effect, but the real thing here is that the images simply don’t have that. I would much rather look at these characters than, say, Andy from Toy Story 3.

It’s interesting that both in the posters as in the trailer, the subtitle was not included, but it was in Cannes.

Finally, the trailer is almost everything we could have dreamed and hoped for, and the little bit left out is simply what makes it a teaser trailer.  Anything that used to look unnatural looks fine in motion, just as we expected. I said I would give it a chance, and having seen the trailer I will definitely be going to see this in full Imax 3D when it comes out.  For being 1:o3 minutes long, it had plenty of stuff for us Tintin fans to watch and enjoy while we wait for the next piece of big news.

I think the trailer was well worth the wait.

Tintin Movie Trailers

There is confirmation from Sony pictures that we can expect a teaser trailer this month. Also, Alberta film reviews says that it will be 1:o3 minutes long, and is G rated (thank goodness for that, we want the kids to be able to see this…). We don’t know what movie the trailer will be released with, but it should definitely be out before or with Kung Fu Panda 2 which comes out late this month. It might come out with Pirates of the Caribbean 4 as well. Both would be good choices because they are 3D films. Kung fu Panda 2 would make lots of sense because it is distributed by Paramount. There is precious little time until we see the trailer! You can bet you will find it here as soon as it comes out online too!

Thanks Britto and Proman for finding this stuff out! Keep it up!

Rumours, Tintin Movie Trailers

According to ”The Film Stage” on Twitter, there’s a good chance that the Tintin teaser trailer will come out before the premiere of Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda 2. If Dreamworks was still a part of the making of Tintin, I would expect it to come out with it. It could be Kung Fu Panda 2, or perhaps it will come out with another movie coming out around the same time. Panda 2 would be a good choice if the teaser trailer is in 3D.

Kung Fu Panda 2 hits theaters this month, May 26th. So if the source is correct, we could have very little time to wait. With the recent advertisement in France and the film festival going on, it wouldn’t surprise me to find some kind of a trailer out very soon.

Thanks Paul for finding this info! I can hardly wait to see something in motion soon!

Just a word of caution to all you fellow Tintin fans who are dying to see a trailer…as important as it is, it is still only a trailer. It will only reveal a certain amount of content from the film and being a teaser trailer, we shouldn’t expect much. We are hence bound to take every last detail revealed and analyze it over and over until the next time stuff is revealed. I’ll admit that is all really great fun and all that. Go ahead! But let’s do our best to remember that there are and will be differences between the film and the albums. If we must over analyze (and we’re all dying to,right?) let’s not do it to subconsciously pick on the material and bring out every flaw from Tintin’s hair to Snowy’s paw. Be positive and enjoy the long awaited trailer!