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By popular demand, the highly praised Travels of a Boy Reporter has returned. This map tracks the journey of Tintin in his 23 adventures across the world.

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The image from my last post has been slightly improved. Thank you SO much,  Mike Dutton! I have cropped the image to focus on the most relative part of the new image.

My thoughts are essentially the same as they were when I commented on the image in my original post. I love the dramatic lighting in the image. But despite how awesome it looks, it seems that even in their early advertising campaign they are determined to hide Tintin’s face from us. It’s almost like they’ve forgotten the fact that they already revealed it on the cover of Empire, which makes me wonder if there’s something we don’t know yet. Will there be a difference between the final Tintin and the Tintin on Empire’s cover? Tintin’s face has never actually been revealed from any still from the film.  I would assume that it will still be pretty close to the boyish Tintin that we’ve seen. This face goes great with the Tintin we see in ”The Secret of The Unicorn”, a relatively ”early” Tintin.

I don’t know how I missed this before, but another obvious difference in the image is that Tintin is wearing his trademark coat, which looks great flying behind him. The addition of the coat once again makes Tintin look more dynamic, as does the completely new running Snowy. I can tell already that, even though there may not be a main female character in the story, cute little Snowy will help bring in the female audience. I actually know a few girls who only read the books because of Snowy.

After a further look at the right side of the image (that I cropped above) I came across an interesting detail. In a recent interview with Steven Moffat, the writer who started the script for the Tintin movie but had to leave after he was offered the job of writing the new Doctor Who series, the writer was asked how much of his work he thought was still in the movie. He answered:

I’m sure hardly any. I haven’t kept track. I now don’t know which bits are secret and what aren’t. So, I’m very circumspect. I mean, I was the one that left. I was the baddie there. They didn’t sack me, or anything. I left to do Doctor Who and they were incredibly kind and decent about that. They could have kicked up more of a legal fuss about it, frankly. But they were really gentlemanly about it and they were lovely people to work with.

So how much of his work was left in the film? Maybe more than he thought. Whatever may be the case, his name is still proudly written in the credits below the title, next to Joe Cornish’s (behind the sign) and right above Steven Spielberg’s:

tintin steven

I think it’s nice of them to mention his name and to mention it first. Of course it would have been unfair to give him no credit, but the film is still recognized as being written by Steven Moffat. I can’t wait to see how the movie comes along. Forget teaser trailers! Skip right to a full length trailer! We have been teased long enough.

UPDATE: here’s another angle. Great job Britto for finding it. Not as great a view of Tintin but very clear titles and credits:


Tintin Movie News

For the film festival in Cannes, this enormous advertisement has been released:

3 things immediately strike me about this image outside of the fact that it’s obviously very close to Empire’s picture: to start it takes Herge’s classic panel of Tintin running against a wall and with the color and lighting makes it look kind of mysterious and dark. We can begin to get the ”film noir” feeling they were talking about a long time ago when asked about the feel of the film. Second Snowy looks more like the book’s version of Snowy than any previous version I’ve seen. Of course it’s hard to tell from such a far distance, but his ear’s and nose look just like the real Snowy’s. Something about him looks funny to me, maybe the part under his neck, but that’s because I can’t really see his position very well. It would be great to get a better close up shot of this. Is it nowhere digitally online?

The third thing is that Tintin is holding a gun in his right hand. There are multiple reasons for giving him one in this image. It makes Tintin look more interesting than if he were simply ”running” like he is on Empire.  Now he’s running after or away from something. People will see the gun and know that Tintin has something he’s fighting against, that the movie will be more than a movie about dogs, teens and Unicorns. That the film will have action and adventure. However the gun is small enough that it adds more to the effect that the movie is old and mysterious than to making Tintin look violent. I suppose there will already be people complaining about Tintin using a gun and how we can expect a super violent Tintin. But Tintin did use guns when he had to. He wasn’t Rambo or James Bond, always travelling around with who knows how much ammo in his pockets, but he was no MacGyver either.  He used guns in extreme situations when you just had to catch that villain no matter what. So it isn’t all that strange that Tintin would have a gun in the picture.

The Cannes film festival will be held from the 11th to the 22nd of this month. We should keep an eye out for anything else Tintin related that may show up. And in the meantime see if we can get a clearer image of this shot.

Thanks again Britto for finding this info. You do a really really great job.

Sources: the Tintin Facebook page.

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We have long hoped that Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn: the video game be revealed at the E3 2011 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) on June 6. Our hopes have been confirmed. Tintin was on the list of Ubisoft games to be revealed (and misspelled I might add…)

The Adventures of TinTin (DSPCPS3PSPWiiX360)

This exposes the old myth that the game will only come out for DS and Wii. UPDATE: upon further investigation, it turns out IGN doesn’t have any confirmation about what platforms the game will come out for. The following note is on their page.

NOTE: This game has been officially announced but has not been confirmed for any specific platform — it may or may not be released on this platform. Please check back for official info.

So,while it seems unlikely that the game would only be released for DS and Wii, we will just have to wait to find out.

Now it would be very odd for the video game to be revealed without some kind of trailer coming out before hand. I expect a teaser trailer at least to come out some time late this month or about the same time as E3. I can hardly wait!


Very special thanks to Tom for finding this info!

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The world-famous author and screen-writer will be writing the script for Tintin 2! This is absolutely wonderful news for those who are fans of his popular ”Alex Rider” series (me included). Anthony Horowitz is a wonderful storyteller and a master at keeping the reader interested. His own stories are full of adventure, and in the case of Alex Rider, also center around the action packed life of a teenager. He is also very experienced and is known for putting tons of research into his work. He focuses on the details,and that’s good news for a Tintin fan. Here we have the info straight from the horse’s mouth, while speaking on Richard Bacon’s radio 5 talk show:

I’m working in Hollywood at the moment, I’m writing a feature film even as we speak. I’ve been hired to write Tintin

The Secret of the Unicorn is being directed by Steven Spielberg and was written originally bySteven Moffat, of course the writer of Doctor Who in this country. He did a couple of drafts then it was taken over by Edgar Wright… they’ve got [that] coming out at Christmas and if that film is a success and works and gets an audience I’m writing the sequel to it, Prisoners of the Sun, which Peter Jackson is going to direct.

So the story of Tintin 2 has officially been chosen. We had heard rumors, especially from Peter, but this had not been confirmed until now.

Although I’ll admit that I was really hoping for ”The Calculus affair”, ”Prisoners of the Sun” is a great choice. Just like ”Secret of the Unicorn” it is a two-part series, and even among Hergé’ s other books it is considered to be a masterpiece. The story revolves around a mysterious ”curse” that puts 7 explorers into the hospital after their return from investigating some ruins in Peru and bringing artifacts back, among them an inca mummy.  One by one the explorers fall into a strange coma, and then Professor Calculus is kidnapped. Tintin and Haddock try to solve the mystery of the curse from the start, and then set off to save Calculus as well.

The book shows us just how far Tintin and Haddock will go to save a friend. They risk everything as they go through one adventure after another on their quest. In one part their train car is disconnected from the rest of the train and they slide down the mountains with no way of stopping their car. In another,they have to sneak onto a ship that says it is under quarantine with armed men on board. In the jungle they face vicious condors and crocodiles. Then they have to cross over a raging waterfall. And to top it all off, they stumble onto a secret hiding place where it turns out the ancient Incan people are still alive, where the whole gang is condemned to die at the stake, lit by the very power of the sun. It is not hard to see why this adventure was chosen to be adapted to the big screen. And I can’t think of a better person for the job to be writing the script than Anthony Horowitz.

For those of you wondering how this will tie in with ”Red Rackham’s Treasure” being the second movie (or at least the beginning of it), I’m not sure how it will play out.  It looks like they will introduce Calculus at the beginning of the movie and then kidnap him almost right afterwards. Just how much of Red Rackham’s Treasure, if any, will be in the movie? We will see. All we know is that Calculus HAS to be in Tintin 2,and we do not believe he is in Tintin 1 because he has not been cast. I think they will either tie in Red Rackham’s treasure at the very beginning of the film like they are doing with The Crab with the Golden Claws for the first movie, or take Calculus out of the ending of The Secret of The Unicorn-Red Rackham’s Treasure for Tintin 1 and have them find the treasure in the basement, then introduce him for Tintin 2 at the start of the film.  However they do it,  I’m sure they know how much the fans love Calculus and will make sure we have plenty of time to see him in the movie.

Very special thanks to Britto and Pro-man who found this information!!! I really appreciate it! Keep up the excellent work!



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In a recent interview with Michael Kahn,the man in charge or editing ”Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn”, Michael informed us that the Tintin Movie will be edited ”just like any other film”. Michael has been editing for Spielberg since ”Close Encounters of the Third Kind” in 1976 and this year celebrates his 75th birthday. He has edited such action packed classics as Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park,and Saving Private Ryan.

The Tintin movie is the first movie Michael has ever edited for Spielberg using Avid (a digital way to edit movies) instead of the Moviola, an old fashion tool used to edit movies invented way back in 1924. But Michael assures us that the editing process of the movie is still the same. He said the videos still needed a few touch ups in the background and such since the shots themselves weren’t finished, but that would not affect the actual editing of the movie. The Tintin Movie will be put together just like any other film would.

Right now you might be asking yourself  ”So what? Why wouldn’t it be?” But actually this is important. Although there are now many more 3D movies then there were even just a few years back,it is still not uncommon to see movies where the directors constantly try to impress the audience by throwing things out of the screen…especially in films created by computer.  Granted the effect is a lot of fun,but not if it slows down the story of the movie. But when it comes to Tintin not only are the directors directing the movie like they would any other film, but even the editing process is the same as other Spielberg films. Not only can we have faith that Spielberg will not tie up the story of the Tintin Movie because he,for instance,keeps shooting the Unicorn’s cannonballs at the screen or something like that (that would be completely out of character for him). We can even have faith that Kahn will make decisions on what seconds of the movie to keep or get rid of based on what is best for the story and flow of the movie and what Spielberg has always expected from him, not on what ”looks cool in 3D”. Both men are professionals with many many years of experience. We could not have hoped for a better crew working on this movie.

I enjoy editing home videos and such things in my spare time and I know that editing is a very precise and time consuming job. I admit I had never heard of Michael Kahn before,but I now have a respect towards him and anybody else who has been editing such great work for so many years. He certainly deserves it. Special thanks to Proman for finding this information,and to all of you who find leads and videos. Keep up the good work!


picture found on

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It’s not surprising with his big role in The Eagle and Tintin being the most anticipated of his next upcoming films that multiple reporters would interview Jamie Bell on Tintin. The following is the third interview I’ve found that has a section on his role in The Secret of The Unicorn. Some of this will sound similar to the other two interviews and there is almost no new information,but it’s fun to read none the less. The most interesting thing for me is the part at the end where he talks about Tintin’s voice.

Let’s talk about Tintin. Obviously, Spielberg is a director who’s in total command of his form, but here, he was working with technology he’s never used before. Could you see him figuring it out on set?
Oh, absolutely. He’d be like, “What does this do? Oh wow, it does that? I wish I could do that in the real world, I wish I could take out a lamppost and move it to the side of the street!” The simplistic things about motion capture that you can do with just the flick of a button are kind of amazing, but also, the use of light and color … for a filmmaker who’s incredibly visionary, I think it’s exciting because it gives him so many more options. The palette is endless, it’s infinite, and I think he definitely got a kick out of that. I think he said it made him more like a painter than he’d ever been before.

The look of the film is very painterly, just from the stills that have been released. Have you seen it in motion?
I’ve seen bits and pieces, yeah. It looks great. We call them “Tintin-ologists,” and as one of those people who’s really into it, it’s incredibly exciting. To see these characters come to life is something you’ve been waiting for your whole life, and when it’s you doing it … It’s actually got the vibe of a Hitchcockian film, a kind of noir film in a young person’s action-adventure film. It’s really great.

I’m assuming your friend Andy Serkis gave you advice on motion capture.
On everything. He’s the guru of that technology.

What’s the key thing you need to know if you’re doing it?
Just to overarticulate. He calls it “breaking through the technology,” and I like that idea because it means that you break through it and claim it for yourself. You don’t let it do the work for you, you attack it aggressively and control it. Look, if there’s anyone to listen to when it comes to motion capture, it’s that guy, so to have him next to me throughout felt great.

How do you know if you’re doing a good job?
You don’t. You trust your director, and I obviously have a great trust with Steven Spielberg. You’re in really good hands. There are some very specific beats with an action-adventure film, and you have to hit those moments of “I found a clue!” where you’re about to go into another adventure in the story. So the acting is still kind of the same, you’re still hitting these beats and those emotional peaks and lows. And you have to trust your animators, because that’s where the real work is done.

What’s your Tintin voice like?
Tintin is a native of Belgium, and we obviously couldn’t do it in French, although I would have loved to. So we kind of found an English sound that won’t distract people so much. You know, it’s very easy to upset people quickly when you’re taking on such a beloved character, so we want to remain as neutral as possible and not go too, too strongly in another direction. If Tintin had an American accent, I’m sure the rest of the world would be very upset!

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In my last post I went into detail on the longest of two interviews with Jamie Bell,the well known actor cast as Tintin. Here I will review the second. There is no video of this one,and I am assuming there is more than I can find here but I haven’t found it yet. There is not too much I can say that isn’t stated there already,but there are a few thing’s worth mentioning and quotes from Jamie.

When Jamie Bell was approached with the project he was skeptical and clearly hadn’t worked with this technology before:

“What is it? That was my first thing initially. What is it? How do you do it? What does it require? How does it work? Does it even work? Let me see some evidence of it working. I watched some of those motion capture films, which were very early and primitive in terms of the technology. All props to Robert Zimeckis  for kind of spearheading the industry in saying that this is something we need to take note of.”

This quote is the biggest news from me. When he later talked about his first experience with motion capture he confirmed that he is a real fan of Tintin, as well as the fact that the new technology wound up being no problem at all:

“I knew everything about Tintin. I was already a Tintinophile or Tintinologist. I was very into that so it was literally trying to understand the mechanics of the technology. You want me to stand in a gray room and act as though I’m in a sea plane in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the Sahara desert with nothing around me that informs anything about this character’s journey? Anything about anything in the physical world? That’s great because it just means that I can make it all up!”

That information complements the info from my previous post.  If any of us had any doubt about Jamie Bell,we shouldn’t now. He is a very good actor. But most important to me he is not going to do what many actors try and do in book or comic book based movies: try and put their own spin on a traditional character. That was one of my greatest fears about the Tintin movie. It’s one thing to take a character like Willy Wonka and twist him into something else or remake another Jane Eyre,but if such were ever attempted with Tintin the results would be disastrous. But Jamie Bell gives every indication that he did and will do his best to stay as true to the character as possible and to live up to Hergé’s work. That’s great news for all true Tintin fans!

Another possible issue was whether Tintin will appear to American audiences. I happen to be an American myself and I’ve asked myself this many times. A few people like my father knew about Tintin,but in general most people in the USA have never heard of him or confuse him with Rin tin tin. If the movie doesn’t go over well in the US that will definitely affect the final grossing and although this has no real source it might even affect the making of the sequels. This subject came up with Jamie as well:

“I think anyone who understands and appreciates Indiana Jones, understands Tintin and they don’t even know what it is yet. I feel like it’s not going to be difficult. I think the characters are great because they all have human flaws. The Tintin character is a very driven and ambitious guy. The structure of the story and the adventure is something we all know and love. There’s something at the end and they’ve got to get to it. There’s a very bizarre and quirky and exciting relationship in the center of it between these two guys. And there’s Steven Spielberg at the helm, who does this story incredibly well.”

The other day I heard somebody who had never heard of Tintin say that ”Tintin:the secret of the unicorn” was a funny sounding title. Had I not read the book or recognized the character,I probably would agree. But I think Jamie is right. The character’s are wonderful,the story is both entertaining and action packed,and I’m sure the huge amount of advertising that will be put out will get the American’s past the funny title. They may even see it just because Spielberg and Jackson made it.  That would be too bad if that were the only reason,but hopefully that will get Americans to know and love Tintin. As for myself,I can’t wait to see it and continue to wait anxiously for it’s premiere. These last two interviews are just two more reasons to look forward to opening night.

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A very quick update as I’m away for a long weekend in couple minutes.

The Empire magazine December issue has Tintin on the front, the two stills we have already seen plus an image of Tintin, Haddock & co in the desert (from Crab with the Golden Claws), an image of the Thompsons with Silk (the thief from Unicorn) and Tintin greeting Barnaby (who I cannot place off the top of my head). Additionally there are several behind the scenes photos and six pages of articles.

First impressions of the new images pretty much my reaction to the first two – parts of them look great (the Thompsons in particular) but the figures of Tintin, Haddock and Snowy in the desert look off somehow. Their shape or stances is just a little too cartoony for my taste.

Once I’ve had some time to read and digest the images over the weekend I’ll post more detailed thoughts. In the meantime, if you spot these images on the web, post the links in the comments below so that fans around the world can also see them.

Back soon, have a great weekend.

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The first two stills for Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, have been released.


An iconic scene from The Crab with the Golden Claws


Is this Tintin meeting Haddock for the first time?

Both images have been revealed by Empire Magazine and the December issue (available 4th November) will have more comments and news from the cast. Including this:

So what can we expect from the story? Here’s what Spielberg told us. “The first part of the film, which is the most mysterious part, certainly owes much to not only film noir but the whole German Brechtian theatre — some of our night scenes and our action scenes are very contrasty. But at the same time the movie is a hell of an adventure.”

The images follow a weekend-long teaser that slowly released close-ups of their cover. A full version of which is now available.


This image was specially created for the magazine and is not from the film.

All images are copyright to someone, though who the hell knows because Empire doesn’t say. So please credit Empire magazine if you reproduce them.