Tintin Merchandise

The gameloft adaptation of the film for iPad and iPhone is 6.99 here
I haven’t played it yet to see how it is. Tintin looks a little bit funny in the picture there, but it is an iPhone game and all the reviews on the site seem to be very positive. Good find Thierry! I will hopefully be getting this for Christmas…

Tintin Merchandise

John William’s long awaited Tintin soundtrack is finally up on itunes. I’m going to be very disciplined and wait until I see the movie to hear the theme for the first time, especially because I know William’s style and often times much of his music is best when accompanied with the images onscreen. But I most certainly will get this soundtrack, sooner or later. If you’re interested, you can get the whole thing on itunes for 8 pounds here.

I know it’s very easy to do in today’s modern age, and there’s probably even a way to do it ”legally”, but if you really want to get this soundtrack I recommend that you pay for it, it’s only 8 pounds. Perhaps you want to wait even for it to come out on a nice CD you can keep with the rest of your Tintin stuff and pass on to your kids. When that comes out I’ll make sure to post about it.

Good find, Trix!

source: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-adventures-of-tintin/id472784154

Tintin Merchandise

For years I’ve wanted to see a Lego Tintin. From what I can tell so far, the movie has not triggered nearly as many action figures and model toys as some other major action movies have in the past, and I thought maybe even more might be made for the sake of collectors. Instead we got Weta’s incredible but rather pricy collector’s figures and the plastoy figures, and recently the McDonald’s toys I am still hoping make it to the USA. It’s safe to say Lego isn’t making anything Tintin for this movie, but I keep hoping for the next one. In the meantime, these japanese ”nanoblocks” are rather interesting, actually based off of  the albums. I’ve only been able to find them online at very,very high prices, but they are cool, there’s no doubt about that.



Source: http://bitsnpieces-sg.blogspot.com/2011/11/nanoblock-tin-tin-collections.html

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As far as I know the last time we saw Tintin in a board game, he was on the board running across the globe with Snowy and his friends. This time he’s just standing on it on the cover. The Tintin movie will not only have it’s own official videogame, but an official board game as well. I have no idea what the rules are, but I do know enough french to understand that the cover says ”Will you be capable of discovering the secret of The Unicorn?” and that there is a pick up and discard pile. The subtitle on the box makes it sound like it might be a sort of mystery game, maybe a bit like Clue, but everybody picks up and discards cards and does something with these little boards. And it looks like the pickpocket will stop you at some point or another. I’m certain that the picture below is not the finished game, because nearly every image you see in it is one of the images from Empire, and the blue deck of cards on the left even has that terrible picture of Tintin running with the white covering his face! I’m not sure why, since they hae the same picture of him withhis face on the box…

tintim jogo oficial

Those who prefer card games haven’t been left out. The Tintin Movie will also get it’s own special deck of cards. I like the look of the street sign on the bottom left that says Labrador Road on it. The concept art on the cards adds a very old fashioned Indiana Jones kind of feel to the game that reminds you that Tintin doesn’t just whisk you away to other places, but to another time as well.

baralho tintim

Thanks Britto for pointing these games out. Also, the Plastoy figures are for sale here on amazon. A bit more expensive than I was hoping for (amazon often is…), but at least they are out there for sale online for all interested in buying them who would not be able to find them near where they live. I’m still hoping some more toys come out and hit the stores here in the US in a month or two.

Tintin Merchandise

There is one major benefit to my being in the USA the rest of the year. While of course I’m bummed out that I have to wait longer to see the movie, I am now in the unique position of witnessing first-hand the advertising campaign for the film here in the States. Today was one of those few great days when instead of having to look news up on the internet, something related to the Tintin movie just came to me. It was in the coupon section of a newspaper, advertising ”Dog Chow” and ”Little Bites”.


Snowy looks really good here, tearing back the red page to reveal the prize you could win…an adventure cruise. I haven’t seen these bags in stores, but I don’t have a dog so I really haven’t been looking. It’s a good sign for the movie over here that Tintin is being advertised in September when the film won’t come out until almost Christmas. Also, this was one of the only coupons in the newspaper that took up two pages.


What I found most interesting is that treasure chest there. It looks like something Weta made. While it COULD have been made only for advertising purposes, there’s also a chance that there really is a giant chest full of gold coins somewhere in the movie. Remember Tintin’s mention of ”one of the greatest treaures in all history”? Maybe this is it, or part of it.

By the way, I just had to point out that I thought it was hilarious that the advertisement actually had to clarify in the fine print that ”gold is not an actual prize”. What times we live in…

Tintin Merchandise


Checking to see if there were any Tintin news online while I was hungry was definitely not a good idea. Tintin’s been many places before, but as far as I know this is his fisrt time to make it on a popcorn bag! I honestly don’t know what countries they’ll be selling all this in, but I assume at least France as it was Moulinsart that revealed these pictures. If you buy a bag of popcorn and a drink it looks like you will also get a free little Tintin accessory for your cell phone. I especialy like the glasses with the movie poster on them. That would make such a great souvenir! I doubt they’ll be selling them at the IMAX theater I plan to go to though.

Tintim-pipoca refri

Tintim-pipocaTintim-pipoca miluTintim-pipoca brindesTintim-brindes

Tintin Merchandise

At least some of those books we posted about recently will reach the people of France and Belgium, with entirely different covers. And they have new images on them!


Here’s the one about the wallets and the pickpocket. I’m not entirely sure what Tintin is doing. He looks like he’s thinking, trying to see something in the distance, maybe a car driving away. He almost looks like he’s squinting, or maybe he looks sad…The Thompson’s pose is familiar to us by now.


Nice new look at the Unicorn in the desert. I really, really want to watch this on a big IMAX screen, the mist and sails flying out at me in 3D, sailors firing cannonballs at Red Rackham and slicing at each other on deck…Every time I see a picture of the Unicorn, it looks so much like THE Unicorn, I get tired of looking at it on the cover of a book or on a poster. It’s literally Hergé’s ship cut and pasted out of the albums. I’ve SEEN it on paper before! Now I want to see it really SAIL…


The same could be said for the Karaboudjan. This doesn’t look like the Karaboudjan. It IS the Karaboudjan! And I can’t wait to see it come to life. Tintin fans, even if you for whatever reason dislike the look of the character’s in the new movie, I really think you should go see it and enjoy it for the sake of exploring in three dimensions the world Hergé drew. In my opinion, Weta hasn’t been given enough credit for how wonderfully they’ve recreated Hergé’s worlds. Marlinspike…the ocean…the desert…How many times did Tintin take us to those places?  Now Spielberg and Jackson are letting Tintin take us there again, at least once more…and it all looks REAL without losing, somehow, Hergé’s cartoonish style.

So many questions have been raised about Tintin: Who were his parents? Why did he only spend most of his time with a dog for the first books? Why doesn’t he ever answer to a boss or write a paper? I think the questions themselves are out of place, because the stories don’t really focus on Tintin but on his adventures, on the wonderful things he did in the exotic places he took us to. So of course it was important that Weta animate Tintin’s world right. In my opinion they could not have done a better job. So if you somehow don’t fall in love with the character’s, the storyline, the jokes, the action or just the fact that a movie this good is coming to IMAX, I recommend you go and see the movie just to take a look around the Karaboudjan or crash land in the desert. It’ll be worth watching again and again…

Tintin Merchandise

Ok, this is for those of you who live in Europe: how many of you have ever seen an incredible Asterix chess board and thought to yourself ”Wouldn’t it be awesome if they made a Tintin chess set?” I sure did, multiple times, and now it’s coming out. I’m a huge fan of chess, and have a few of these themed chess boards that, while not really practical when it comes to actually playing chess, are lots of fun to collect. Like the Unicorn model, these are being released in French kiosks piece by piece (come to think of it, it’s funny that both a Tintin model ship and chess set are being released ”piece by piece”…). I don’t live in France, nor plan to, so I probably will never own this…but it’s just cool that it’s coming out, and is plenty of fun to look at.

Xadrez Tintin

Of course, Tintin would be the King!

Xadrez Tintim

I’m curious who the other pieces will be. If this were solely based off of the books, I would make Rastapopoulous the other king, but it will most likely be ”Red Rackham” as he appears on the Karaboudjan. Maybe Omar Ben Salaad will be queen…

I think the Thompsons would have made good knight’s or Bishop’s, keeping the board in symetry. But it seems Thomson is a pawn. That actually fit’s his character a little better…

Source: www.tintimportintim.com

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Months ago we briefly mentioned that Gamelof was creating a separate game from Ubisoft’s videogames based on ”The Adventures Of Tintin”, this time for the iPhone and iPad (I assume it’ll run on other smart phones too…). Here’s our first look at the game:


In my opinion, this is the best looking shot of the three we’ve seen. Keeping in mind that this is for Smart Phones, this looks pretty good!  Stormy weather, sand blowing off the dunes, parts of the seaplane all over the place…seems pretty accurate. While this may be a minor detail, I’m not sure what to make of the characters sizes…even with the space between them, Tintin looks a little bit too tall…but in the end, even I don’t honestly care about that…


This is a kind of funny angle…but at least it looks good. Whoever designed the kitchen clearly put some effort into it, and Snowy doesn’t look half bad either.


It looks like the game will also be a platform, quickly ready to ”point out” where you need to go in case you’re not sure.  This must be somewhere deep in the Karaboudjan…but to me it kind of looks like the droid factory from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones…

Jokes aside, a few lucky guys recently got to try this game and gave it a positive review, saying it’s easily one of the better games coming out for iPads and iPhones. The game is primarily a stealth game, so Tintin and Snowy will use their wits to sneak around and go unnoticed rather than clobber everybody they see. I have no idea how much this’ll cost, but it will probably be fairly cheap compared to the Ubisoft games. I’ll definitely have fun trying it out and writing up a personal review for you all. Best thing about it for me is that since I’m in the US, this may be the only game I’ll be able to play while the movie comes out in Europe, since most everything won’t come out until December here. Unless of course they won’t let the US download or something, but hopefully they’ll be nice and won’t do that.