In a recent Anthony Horowitz twitter post, he told someone who was betting on a hybrid between ”Red Rackham’s Treasure” and ”The Calculus Affair”:

I’m not sure I’d put too much money on that.

Anthony Horowitz, thus far, has been better at telling us which albums it isn’t instead of which albums it is (if he hadn’t told us Prisoners of the Sun would be Tintin 2, would we know now that it wasn’t going to be that album? ) It sounds like a hybrid between Red Rackham’s Treasure and The Calculus Affair are off…And to be honest, I don’t blame them. They are both wonderful stories, but they are two flavors that I wouldn’t put in the same dish.

So what story’s could go with Red Rackham’s treasure? The film set us up for a hunt for a bigger treasure than Hergé had Tintin find, but now that they have we have to have Tintin and Haddock look for it. The Shooting Star or The Black Island are stories that might work. But of course, it’s all speculation at this point.

One thing though that they’ll have to solve: do Tintin and Haddock find this MASSIVE treasure we saw in Tintin 1 or not? If they do, they should be so incredibly rich it would change the rest of the series, even beyond the life of a normal chateau owner. If not…if they only get, say, some of it, than it will be hard to see how that is a better ending than Tintin 1 where they already got some treasure. Obviously the story will have to involve more, and I sure can’t wait (though I must) to see what Horowitz has planned.



In a stunning new interview, Anthony Horowitz finally revealed who will be cast as Professor Calculus in ”Tintin 2”:

 A number of actors tried out for Professor Calculus, but we’ve finally decided on Patrick Stewart…. We’ve been keeping it a secret for a while because we weren’t quite sure how the fans would react, since I don’t think anybody saw this choice coming. But we think it’s better that they get used to it early on. I’ve spoken to him at length, we’ve done a few tests and, trust me, he is going to blow the fans away.

Well, I’ll give him one thing…nobody saw this coming. I’m really trying to wrap my brain around how this would work. Patrick Stewart is best known for his role as Jean-Luc Picard in ”Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Xavier in the X-men series. But I’m having a hard time seeing him as Calculus…


I guess he’s not that far off…and of course, with his digital skin on, he will look exactly like Calculus. But I’m still not sure how the voice will match up. He has such a deep, ominous voice…not at all what I imagined for Calculus. But, being an actor, he can of course change his voice. Look at Andy Serkis as Haddock…

I couldn’t help but notice the strange coincidence (or at least I suppose it’s a coincidence…) that Herge’s inspiration for Professor Calculus was a man named Auguste Piccard:

And ironically, Patrick Stewart played the role of Jean-Luc Picard. Only one ”c”, but still, that’s uncanny…

They’ve done a good job of casting parts so far, so I’ll trust their judgement. But I really hope this works out well. Maybe, over time, this will grow on me?

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It’s been ages since I’ve tagged a post under ”rumors”, but it’s mostly because I don’t come across many believable ones. However, this one seems interesting, and should it be true I would love to know that this was the first site to publish the scoop. Mike Dutton, someone who frequently comments on this blog, recently left a comment stating that a friend of his told him of two men possibly trying out for Professor Calculus.One is John Hurt, the other is Sylvester McCoy.

Up until when I read his comment I hadn’t heard of either actor. John Hurt has played a number of roles and has won numerous awards over the years. He worked with Spielberg in ”Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, but it’s been too long since I saw the movie to remember a thing about his part. This has me wanting to watch the movie again, because his part in the film is allegedly very much like Professor Calculus. Here’s a random video off Youtube I found of him in a cowboy film.

Sylvester McCoy is best known for being the 7th doctor in Doctor Who, which might have pulled more weight in his being cast for the role if we had Steven Moffat writing the script. However, he has been cast in The Hobbit as the wizard Radagast. This part of the rumor seems very plausible because he will certainly spend a lot of time with Peter Jackson, the next film’s director. Here’s an old interview with Sylvester talking about Doctor Who.

I can’t say whether these rumors are true or not, this kind of news changes all the time. Whether it’s a joke or an actual inside scoop, I at least found it interesting. I haven’t seen (or remember seeing) enough of these two actors to say who I would choose as Professor Calculus, but if I had to pick based on the voice I heard in those two videos I would have to go with Sylvester. But of course these actors are very versatile and I have no idea how they’d really sound as Calculus should they try out.

Ironically, I think I would have picked John Hurt for Radagast the wizard.

Thank’s for the rumor, Mike! Keep us posted…

UPDATE: apparently the rumor started from this video on Empire’s site, an interview with ”Tintin 1” ‘s writers on who they mentally picture as Calculus:

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I was so caught up in the great images that website had, which we’re now pretty sure is a Czech site, that I missed some cool information they had…a list of the movie’s cast that included Sakharine-not the rumored ”Rackham” character- to be the main villain. Since Google isn’t the greatest of translators, I’ve taken a few liberties in slightly changing it’s translation so that it makes sense in English. Here’s what the site had to say:

Ivan Ivanovich Sakharine (Daniel Craig): A ruthless criminal with a mysterious past and an evil plan that puts the life of Captain Haddock at stake. He is determined to get Tintin’s model of the Unicornat any cost…

Screen shot 2011-09-17 at 9.28.24 AM

This confirms it. A long time ago I asked somewhere if we had any real proof for the rumor that ”Rackham” was the main villain. We didn’t really have anything official. I think it came about because people knew Daniel Craig had a major part and could not only show up in a flash back if he was to run into Tintin in the film. So they proposed that he was Rackham’s descendant. It seems they were right about that too, since that has to be the ”mysterious past” they refer to. But we had assumed that if he was Rackham’s descendant, he would still have Rackham as a last name.

Somehow they are going to try to convince us that Rackham had a kid who was the great great great…great grandfather of a guy named Sakharine Ivan Ivanovitch. Also I’m not sure how they’ll pull off such a russian sounding name while the villain has a british accent. But few people watching the film will notice such things, and they aren’t really big deals anyway. Of course they can be explained, we just aren’t sure how. I’ll leave it as a mystery to be revealed when the movie comes out, because I’m not about to make another erroneous guess about this villain…

In the albums Sakharine is just a harmless ship collector that adds a bit of intrigue to the story when Tintin finds out somebody else has a ship exactly like his. Tintin does accuse him of having stolen his ship, one of the only times in the albums Tintin is wrong about a villain. In the movie adaptation the writers have turned Sakharine into a combination of the craftiness of the Bird brothers and the fun idea of people being or pretending to be descendants of Red Rackham. He even looks the part: he looks sly, and yet sophisticated. And he even looks a lot like Red Rackham, if you look closely in the albums.

He is a venerable villain for sure. Maybe even more so then the Bird Brothers were. I’m looking forward to see what such a character will add to the story. I’m not at all upset that they changed that part of the story.

The page also revealed a bit of info about Castafiore’s appearance. We really had no idea when she would show up.

Bianca Castafiore (Kim Stengel): Diva of opera, sometimes referred to as the “Milanese Nightingale,” that during a private performance at the Palace of Omar Ben Salaad inadvertently becomes the main weapon of Sakharine.

This should be interesting. Will she be kidnapped? That would be very much like ”Tintin and the Picaros”. I’ll admit she never was my favorite character, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with her in the movie.

Thanks Britto for pointing out the stuff I had missed on the site.

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According to ”The Wall Street Journal” Calculus will be a playable character in the next Tintin game:

The game has three modes, including the co-operative, story and challenge mode, and they divide play into exploration, combat and solving puzzle phases. In the co-operative mode, live players can drop in an out of the game dynamically and play any of six characters, including Tintin, Captain Haddock, Thompson and Thompson (who act as one character), Professor Cuthbert Calculus, Bianca Castafiore and even Snowy. Each character has unique skills like Tintin who can shoot a grappling hook or opera diva Castafiore who can dispatch enemies with her windy contralto.

This is either fake or true. It could easily be fake if they simply took the list of popular Tintin characters and assumed that they would be in the game. But that seems unlikely because they give details about Castafiore’s and the Thompson’s that they would only know if they either saw it or were told. So it seems there is confirmation Calculus will at least show up in the video game this year.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Calculus will be in the movie. I’m being forced to be patient with people online who still make comments such as ”I was hoping Tintin would be in live action when I watched the trailer” and ”Where is Calculus?” years and months after us fans have answered and given good theories on these questions. For those of you who don’t know, Calculus has not been cast as far as we know. His main role in the story was to invent a shark submarine to let Tintin explore the sunken Unicorn. But it looks like the story may not focus on the finding of the Unicorn itself but of the treasure that was actually at Marlinspike or wherever they chose to put it in the movie the whole time. Almost all of ”Red Rackham’s treasure” is fun to read but would make for a kind of boring movie. After all there are no villains and they never find anything but an idol, the ship and some rum. It makes total sense to cut to the chase and leave that part out of the movie, bringing Calculus in to the sequel as possibly one of the explorers from Peru.

To what degree is it OK to expect the Bird Brothers to be in the movie because they are in the game and not believe Calculus will be? Now I’m not sure what to think. Maybe both are in the film, maybe they were just added to the ”expanded” Tintin video game for the fans sake’s. I’ll wait for the movie to come out before i make too many conclusions.


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According to ”The Film Stage” on Twitter, there’s a good chance that the Tintin teaser trailer will come out before the premiere of Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda 2. If Dreamworks was still a part of the making of Tintin, I would expect it to come out with it. It could be Kung Fu Panda 2, or perhaps it will come out with another movie coming out around the same time. Panda 2 would be a good choice if the teaser trailer is in 3D.

Kung Fu Panda 2 hits theaters this month, May 26th. So if the source is correct, we could have very little time to wait. With the recent advertisement in France and the film festival going on, it wouldn’t surprise me to find some kind of a trailer out very soon.

Thanks Paul for finding this info! I can hardly wait to see something in motion soon!

Just a word of caution to all you fellow Tintin fans who are dying to see a trailer…as important as it is, it is still only a trailer. It will only reveal a certain amount of content from the film and being a teaser trailer, we shouldn’t expect much. We are hence bound to take every last detail revealed and analyze it over and over until the next time stuff is revealed. I’ll admit that is all really great fun and all that. Go ahead! But let’s do our best to remember that there are and will be differences between the film and the albums. If we must over analyze (and we’re all dying to,right?) let’s not do it to subconsciously pick on the material and bring out every flaw from Tintin’s hair to Snowy’s paw. Be positive and enjoy the long awaited trailer!


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In what can only be described as a teaser campaign, Empire magazine has tiny, close up fragments of the first images from the Tintin movie.


They seem to be releasing one a day. every few hours. The first five six are up and there are space for seven more. So we can expect the first full images on the 8th of November or there about Monday.

The best guess for what the images show:

  • ???
  • Snowy’s Fur
  • ???
  • Tintin’s Jumper
  • A Sock

What Does This Tell Us

Not a lot except that the movie will use incredibly real looking textures. Which suggests there will be nothing cartoony about this animation. I expect to see a world that has Herge’s distinctive style but with an amazing level of detail.

It looks like the long wait for the first images will be worth it.


Sharp eyed Proman has spotted that they are going up faster than one a day and that new objects are added to the background images. See comments for more details.

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Only a couple of crumbs of Tintin news this week.

Tintin book targetted over native stereotypes by a school board in Peterborough (America). Whilst I admire their aim to counter stereotypical images of native americans, they seem to miss the point. Tintin in America is racist as were a lot of his early books but Herge was a product of his time and most importantly recognised he was wrong. In later books he went out of his way to show a more sympathetic view of native cultures. Books like Tintin in America should be available to children along with adults who are able to explain the books context.

Simon Pegg once more denies a link to the Tintin movies: Simon Pegg denies Tintin rumours.