Prisoners of the Sun

So, a long time ago we were told that Tintin 2 would be adapted from the album Prisoners of the Sun (and The Seven Crystal Balls, which precedes it). Then we were told that it not be those two, and we were left guessing and speculating. Now it appears that they might have stuck with the original plan. But the info is still questionable, so don’t count on knowing all the facts just yet. The information comes from the Latinos Post that cites an interview from ScreenCrush. The line of interest for Tintin fans, written at the end of the article, is:

Kennedy was recently nominated for an Academy Award for her work on “Lincoln” and is currently in Pre-production for “The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun”


Now this isn’t a direct quote from Kennedy and we can’t find anything elsewhere to back this up. But it is possible that she revealed it and everybody is so interested in Star Wars VII, the focus of the article, that few have given the info much attention. On the other hand, it is possible that Latino Post is working on outdated information.

I still think Prisoners of the Sun would be a great adventure to introduce Calculus in (and even stay true to the chronology of Tintin). I’ve been saying this for months, but hopefully new news will come soon.



In an interview with Spielberg, the Times of India asked about when Tintin 2 might hit theaters. This was Spielberg’s response:


 “Peter Jackson is directing the next one, I’m producing. We have a script and we’re going to start performance capture probably at the end of this year.

“Don’t hold me to it, but we’re hoping the film will come out around Christmas-time in 2015. We know which books we’re making, we can’t share that now but we’re combining two books which were always intended to be combined by Herge.” Smiling impishly, refused to confirm or deny the guesses we hazarded but when specifically asked about ‘The Blue Lotus’, said it would probably be the third Tintin film.


The strange thing about The Blue Lotus being the third film is that, in Tintin’s room on the wall, there are framed newspaper stories showing details from both The Cigars of the Pharaoh and The Blue Lotus (as well as, by the way, The Black Island, which I know some of you have suggested would be a fun choice). I’ll borrow these from the site I linked to in my last post:

As of right now, Tintin is set up almost completely in the correct chronological order. It would be odd to undo that later, especially considering how many other good albums there are later on to choose from.  Still, Cigars of the Pharaoh and The Blue Lotus do definitely come to mind as books Hergé intended to combine together. The other options that are directly sequels (other than finishing up with Red Rackham’s Treasure)  to each other would be the moon books, the prisoners of the sun books (which we have been lead to believe are not the chosen books) and…well, perhaps you could combine The Blue Lotus and Tintin in Tibet…(for the third one) with the Blue Lotus part being a flashback. I’m curious-what are your thoughts?


By the way, Anthony Horowitz has tweeted that he will be in New Zealand in November, and this matches the time frame that Spielberg gave for when they hope to shoot the motion capture. So even if we don’t get to see the next movie for a long time…at least we should be able to really follow its creation fairly soon.



I thought about maybe writing an article on Easter Eggs in the Tintin movie. But there’s no need. Archibald has already done an extremely thorough job. So please, while we wait for new of the next Tintin movie, please do read this and appreciate the last one a little bit more.


Also, we are on the lookout for two unknowns: what is the exact panel that the Tintin portrait Hergé paints at the beginning comes from, and why is Portsmouth in the opening credits? Did Tintin go there, or did someone in the cast or crew work there or come from there?


Well, I’ll spare you the annual gag Tintinologists hear every January that he’s “still looking as young as ever.”

Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 580 du 21 Octobre 1986

Here is one of the Tintin magazine covers celebrating Tintin’s birthday (though I think this is the birthday of Tintin magazine). But still, it is an incredible feat: that a comic character has stayed around for 84 years, and is still extremely popular around the world. A decade older than even Superman or Batman, he stands alone as an entirely different character, in a different world of comics that young and old love to dive into.

And I would be remiss without mentioning that 84 years later, Tintin still has some popular sites and blogs about him on the internet, which people continue to read and follow. I shout out a very loud thank you to all of you readers, but especially to the many of you who have kept up with this site for years.

Sadly, we cannot really give Tintin much of a present for his birthday, but I have an idea which may allow us to celebrate some of what Tintin has left us. Over the next week or so, send an email to with a picture and brief description of something related to Tintin that you really enjoy, and for those of you who are collectors, it would be really cool to see pictures of some old or unique Tintin item you may have. Whether it be a special album, or just something Moulinsart has sold (expensive or…well, I was going to say inexpensive, but it may be better to say “less” expensive). It may even be a home made craft or even a cake. If you prefer, I will not share your name, or you can go under a different identity. The point is just to celebrate Tintin’s birthday while having fun seeing what different people have collected, or made, that is Tintin related over the years. After I have given others a chance to send me their pictures, I will finally show some of what I have. It isn’t a fantastic collection, but it has several things I find special. I was especially blessed to receive quite a lot of nice Tintin items this Christmas, and I am sure those who gave them to me would love to see them posted here.

Please, big or small, feel free to send me a picture of anything Tintin. And hopefully, perhaps even next month, we will have some new news about the script for Tintin 2.





I love it when news gets strange.

Apparently Arvand Dashtaraia play-write from Tehran, has announced he is going to perform a play based of “The Adventures in Tintin.” The story will be original, called “Tintin and the Secret of Moundas Castle.”

Iranian dramaturge and dramatist Mohammad Charmshir has written the play based on “The Adventures of Tintin” collection written by the Belgian artist Georges Remi — Herge.

“I was interested in the Tintin books since I was a little boy. All of his adventures and curiosity have had a great influence on me, and I wanted to pay my debt of gratitude to Herge,” Dashtarai said in an interview.


I have no idea how the rights of this are being handled…or what Moulinsart thinks about this.

What do you think? Can this happen with (or without) Moulinsart’s approval? Does anybody want to see it?




With the new release of The Hobbit, of course Jackson was bound for some interviews on what was to become of his future projects, and Tintin 2 thankfully came up.

Peter Jackson has a ton of work to do with his movies, and has told us that he would rather stay on one movie at a time. Nevertheless, he said he was planning on talking with Anthony Horowitz more soon and shooting in 2013, with the hope of finally releasing the movie sometime in 2015.

This isn’t HUGE news, and 2015 is still far away, but it does let us know that plans to make the movie (which we’ve known for over a year were being formed) are finally taking shape. And, hopefully, we will soon have more interesting news, interviews, casting, (a title!), etc. Stay tuned fans! I haven’t been dead. Just waiting…:-)




One year ago today the “Tintin Movie” was shown in Belgium. To celebrate, today I put in some of my favorite scenes of the blu-ray copy I own (and seriously, if you don’t have it in HD…you should). Weta put so many details into every frame…I could follow a specific pirate I hadn’t been watching, a part of Marlinspike Hall I’d never seen…There are so many details!!! Thank you, everybody who made the movie, for doing so.

Sometime in the next few weeks, I will be watching and reviewing some Tintin movies that are certainly oldies, but not necessarily goodies, depending on which guy you talk to. I received as a great gift a DVD box set of the 1964 “The Calculus Affair,” the 1969 “Temple of the Sun”, and “Tintin and the Lake of Sharks.” I have only ever seen the last of those three, simply because I never could find a copy in person and I’m too lazy/cheap to find them online. But on top of it all, I’m going to challenge myself: I’m watching these three films in their ORIGINAL french, because I just don’t trust/like the english dubbing (actually, my DVD doesn’t even have English dubbing. They come in French, Spanish, and Catalan…). I’ll put subtitles on in Spanish to get the words I miss, and I hope it will be a lot of fun, whether I love them or hate them.

Did you watch Tintin today? Did you come up with something special Tintin related to do?

If you followed these posts to the end, thank you. Thanks for holding on there with me while I wait for Tintin 2 to really get going (thanks a lot, whoever came up with The Hobbit 3…now HOW long will it be before Tintin 2 comes out…).


Meryl Streep was considered for Bianca Castafiore.

So, tell me. What, if anything, will you do to celebrate the first anniversary of the Tintin Movie? Will you at least watch the movie? Have you thought of anything special to do?

As always, this site is still running, and while Tintin related news is slow, Tintin is timeless and remains a part of our culture. And as that side of culture manifests itself,  whether through movies, the internet, or you guys, I’m happy to post about it and keep it all in one record.

Andy Serkis

In the German translation of the Tintin movie, Captain Haddock, while chasing down the parchment in Morocco, calls out “Mein Schatz,” which means “my precious,” a nod to Andy Serkis’ famous role as Gollum.