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Remember a few days ago I posted about the comic wirter Lucy Knisley? This morning she posted this great picture of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead. Frost and Pegg are going to be playing the Thompson twins in the Tintin Movie and I hope we will see a suitable portrait of them in 2011.


Update: Just spotted this other Simon Pegg reference in Lucy’s comics. I think she might have a thing for him.

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Just noticed on Tintinologist a good biography of Georges Remi, A.K.A. Herge.

1907 – Georges Remi born in Etterbeek (Rue Cranz, 25) on 22 May, at 7:30 in the morning.

1914–1918 – Attends primary school at the District School No. 3 in Ixelles.

1918–1919 – Attends School No. 11, preparatory for the Athénée (secondary school).

1920–1925 – Attends Saint Boniface school. Excels in all subjects, except art.

1925 – Joins the subscriptions department of the newspaper, Le XXe Siècle. Creates his first strip, Totor, for The Belgian Boy Scout.

1926 – Studies art at Saint-Luc school.

Source: Hergé – Creator of Tintin

Herge, Links

The Aquila Theatre Company are touring with a production of a Comedy of Errors. The set and costume design were inspired by Tintin.


The unusual setting was inspired by Belgian artist Herge’s cartoon “Tintin.” Tintin is a 1930s Western character who, accompanied by his faithful wire fox terrier, solves mysteries in exotic locations.

“I love that color palette, I love the cartoonishness of it, I love the sophistication of it as well,” Meineck said. “It has a beautiful aesthetic.”

Source: Classic humor at Caltech


This has nothing to do with Tintin other than it was created using Mocap (motion capture) similar that being used for the Tintin movie and it is very funny. Thinking about it, Tintin and the Nanobots could be a great adventure.

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