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By way of a Tintin reference, I stumbled on to one of the best ideas for blog in a long, long time.

The Highland Literacy Reading Blog is a blog about books, which is great but nothing special. Except that this blog is written by children of the Highland region of Scotland and is run the by Highland education department. Children all over the highlands of Scotland can read a book and then, with the help of a teacher, write a review and publish it for friends, family and the world to see.

Not only does this encourage children to read books but it also encourages them write and think about the books. Exactly the sort of activities we want, we need, children to be doing. It is also a great way for children to discover new books they might like. Something that is becoming increasingly hard as libraries and independent book stores continue to close.

The blog is supported by Borders book store in Inverness which is a shrewd investment by the company. They offer book tokens for the best reviews and a 10% off coupon.

The range of books reviewed is excellent. From the Horrible History series through Tintin and on to The Diary of Anne Frank. The reviews themselves are excellent because they miss out all the rubbish an adult would put in the review and instead focus on what is important. Such as this review of Fledge Star by Titania Woods.

I didn’t really like this book because I am not into fairies. People who like fairies and mythical creatures would like this book more than I did. It was easy to understand, it was set in a tree which some people might quite like. I’m glad I read this book because I can now recommend it to other people.

And here is the review for The Crab with a Golden Claw.

It is  very funny.  The captain always gets drunk:) It is  never boring I always enjoyed reading it.  I have read 5 before TinTin is sooooo funny. At the start  snowy (his dog) is trying to get something to eat.  Snowy gets a tin with A CRAB WITH GOLDEN CLAWS and almost gets cut.      i think it is one on the best TinTin books  in the series.  10 OUT OF 10.

I think every school district should have a web site like the Highland Literacy Reading Blog. Congratulations to everyone involved in setting it up and keeping it going.

Herge, Links

I thought I was being obsessive by mapping out Tintin’s travels but no matter how much of a Tintin fan you are, there is always a bigger fan waiting round the next corner.

Les autos de Tintin is an English & French web site detailing all the cars that appear in the Tintin albums.


It is an impressive piece of work that identifies the real cars Herge used as models. A few remain unidentified so you may be able to help out. You can view the range of cars by chronological order and also interesting changes between different versions of the albums.


I would just like to thank everyone who has commented, emailed, tweeted or spoken to me about the Travels of a Boy Reporter. However, a few people need to be mentioned specifically.

  • The Ephemerist is a great blog covering comics from a European perspective. A blog evert comics fan should reading.
  • Our friends at the Tintin blog need a big mention and if you are after any sort of Tintin related merchandise, have a look at Shop Tintin as well.
  • Robot 6, part of Comic Book Resources, covers a wide range of subject matter.
  • The folks on Metafilter, a community driven blog that covers all things geek and much more.
  • From Canada, the travel blog Off the Map covers everything related to exploring the world.
  • Finally, Comicopia, a Spanish language comics blog.

Many thanks to all these and any I have missed.

Also a big thank you reader Steve and ComfySofa from MetaFilter for spotting some typos on the map. These are about to be fixed along with a few other minor flaws before the map goes to the printers. If you check-out the map’s version number (next to the copyright) you will see it currently says 0.95. I’m currently on 0.97 and version 1.00 will be the first batch from the printers. The online and downloadable versions of the map will be updated in the next few days.

Ligne Claire (Clear Line), Links

Continuning our occasional series of Ligne Claire (Clear Line) and other comics that might interest you, may I present Dresden Codak.

Desden Codak

A product of the clearly bizarre mind of artist, Aaron Diaz, the strip is an exploration of physics, psychology, art, philosophy and a whole lot more. It is strange, confusing and challenging. This is not a comic where you will find a clear, easy to follow narrative. I’m just get a small fraction of the references and allusions in it but I love it. The artwork regularly switches in style but whatever the style used, the artwork is fantastic.

So Dresden Codak – challenging and not to everyone’s taste but no less brilliant because of it.

Links, Tintin

This Tintin image just leaves me wanting to know more.

Hermus tintin

It comes from a fanzine writer / blogger / illustrator by the name of Frits Jonker who once did some illustrations for another fanzine writer, by the name of Anton Hermus.

Anton Hermus died a few years ago. When I was sixteen I started a correspondence with him. He published a private magazine about Tintin, called “Het Brilliantinepotje”. It was one of the weirdest zines I ever read, so when he asked me to make some illustrations for him, I gladly did that. In 1982 he wrote a little book about his rather paranoia ideas about Tintin …

I cannot help but wonder what paranoid ideas you can have about Tintin.

Source: Anton Hermus

Links, Tintin, Tintin in Tibet

VGRetro is a series of vidCasts reviewing old computer games and episode 11 features a review of Tintin in Tibet for the Sega Mega Drive. I had no idea there had been Tintin videos games before though no doubt there will be for the new films. I’m not going to give too much away but here is the brief summary from the web site “Tintin: It had great books, but an awfully bad game… “