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Nick Frost chats to the Birmingham Mail about Tintin (and his new film The Boat That Rocked).

Nick says of making The Adventures of Tintin: “It was amazing, as Spielberg is a real hero of mine. I vividly remember watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind. When you see him come out from behind his monitor, punching the air and doing a dance because you’ve done a good take, it’s like ‘oh my God, that’s Steven Spielberg!’.”

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Simon Pegg, Thomson & Thompson

Simon Pegg has been interviewed in SFX Magazine about the new Star Trek movie, his new film Paul and, of course, Tintin.

You’re dressed in what looks like a bizarre scuba-diving outfit with a helmet on, with a camera and a light pointed at your face the whole time. And you’ve got dots all over your face! So me, Nick [Frost], Jamie Bell and Daniel Craig were all doing scenes together, taking it very seriously – although it’s a light-hearted adventure, you have to take it seriously – and we just looked ridiculous. We were in this massive grey space called The Volume that represents an area of the studio that can be rendered digitally. Once you enter The Volume you see yourself on the monitor as your character. ….

And Peter Jackson was directing us on iChat, from New Zealand, so Steven would come out and go “Great… Now try it this way” and then you’d hear this other voice go “Hello guys, it’s Peter!” And he’d be coming over the tannoy like God….

… It’s so funny to talk to [Spielberg] about that, and ET and Raiders… to have that level of access to someone of whom I’m such a huge fan is such a privilege. Nick and I left the room that day and jumped up and down in the corridor. We couldn’t believe that we’d had this talk.

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Nick Frost (Thompson or possibly Thomson) is intervied in today’s Observer about his new film The Boat That Rocked and about filming Tintin.

Nick finds acting difficult because he doesn’t have the back-up of training. On the Tintin film, the script kept changing, to such an extent that he and Simon were sometimes handed their words just minutes before they went on. “I need a week to really get a scene into my head. And you’ve got Steven Spielberg and Kathy Kennedy, who’s the most powerful woman in Hollywood, and Peter Jackson, who’s co-directing from New Zealand using iChat! It was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. Having said that, Spielberg was amazing. Sometimes he’d run on at the end of a scene and do a little dance and punch the air.”

From – The interview: Nick Frost

Nick Frost, Thomson & Thompson

There is a great write-up and interview with Nick Frost (Thompson or possibly Thomson). It is rare to see Nick Frost getting the solo attention he deserves.

Frost does not give the impression he was desperate to stop waiting tables and has described himself as a “world-class waiter”. He quit his restaurant job only in his late twenties and even returned for a brief stint after spending all the £9,000 fee he received for the first series of Spaced, the Channel 4 comedy series that became a cult hit and marked the start of his and Pegg’s change of fortunes.

“I blew the lot in six weeks,” he recalls. “I came out of a drink-fuelled haze and found myself mopping up the floor and setting tables in another restaurant. I was paid £1.80 an hour — these were the days before a minimum wage — plus tips.”

From: On the Move: Nick Frost

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Remember a few days ago I posted about the comic wirter Lucy Knisley? This morning she posted this great picture of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead. Frost and Pegg are going to be playing the Thompson twins in the Tintin Movie and I hope we will see a suitable portrait of them in 2011.


Update: Just spotted this other Simon Pegg reference in Lucy’s comics. I think she might have a thing for him.

Thomson & Thompson

It is being widely reported that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) have been cast as the Thompson Twins.

First reported by Ain’t It Cool News, there doesn’t yet seem to be any official confirmation yet. This rumour first surfaced a few months ago and originated out of a chance encounter between Spielberg and Pegg (see Simon Pegg, Spielberg and Tintin).

Given the physical differences between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this casting can only come about because of the CGI nature of the film. The almost identical twins, Thomson and Thompson (Dupond et Dupont in the original French) can only be differentiated by the shape of their moustaches.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost first met when Simon was a student and frequented a restaurant where Nick was working as waiter. The two become firm friends and lived together for several years. Both were so poor that for 6 months they shared a bed (in a strictly heterosexual manner). When Pegg and fellow student Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson) scripted and stared in Spaced, they brought Nick Frost in as Mike. This was Nick Frost’s first ever acting work.

Spaced was a huge success because of its off-beat humour and numerous references to comics, films (particularly Star Wars) and video games. Turning their sights to bigger things, Pegg and Spaced director Edgar Wright created Shaun of the Dead , a romantic zombie comedy that set a Romero’ style zombie apocalypse in suburban London. Starting Pegg and Frost (plus many other actors from Spaced), the film was a huge hit around the world. This was followed up Hot Fuzz, a high-octane police-action film, heavily modeled on Bad Boyz, set in a sleepy English village.

Since Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg has starred in Run FatBoy Run and is playing Scotty in the new Star Trek film.