Chaque Jeudi

Today’s ”chaque jeudi” is a special one. Tintin isn’t on it, except in the corner, but I felt it was worth posting this cover of a different character, if only because I found it myself. If you go to Germany and visit Europa Park, be sure to visit the Silver Star coaster. The entire queue area is decorated with race car related items and blown-up comic strips of this character. I’d never heard of him, but he was featured in Tintin Magazine. Reminds me a little bit of Speed Racer…I like the style of the drawing. I wonder if the stories are any good?…

He’s Michel Vaillant, and apparently he was featured on Tintin magazine a lot. You can see many of his covers here , but I was unable to find these online. They might be there, but it’s possible this is the only way you’d have seen these, second to going to Europa Park or finding another copy.

You’re welcome.

Chaque Jeudi

I’m back from my trip! Sorry I’ve missed the past few weeks.

Journal de TINTIN édition Belge N° 29 du 15 Juillet 1948

For those die-hard Jocko fans.

IS there such a thing as a die hard Jocko fan? Well, I’d love to hear from one in the comments, anyway.

Make sure to check back tomorrow and the next few days. I was able to visit Geneva, Switzerland, as well as Nyon, and I have pictures of the locations included in The Calculus Affair! I’m very excited to share them, and what I’ve learned about them, with you.





Chaque Jeudi

This week, the cover shows a funny side of Quick and Flupke instead of Tintin.

Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 200 du 21 Août 1952

Quick and Flupke are two boys that get themselves into a lot of trouble, but I admit I have never had the chance to buy many of their books here and haven’t done so through the internet. I have read some from my library though. They are certainly a step below Tintin, but they are worth a read, especially to a fan of ligne claire or Hergé’s work. This particular cover I found extremely funny after reading it in French, just because it was so unexpected. Quick says hi to Flupke, but he sits in a bad mood and refuses to even shake his friend’s hand. Quick asks him what the matter is, but Flupke doesn’t feel like answering. Is he sick? Has something upset you? Etc… Finally, Flupke yells out something along the lines of ”What’s wrong? What’s wrong??? What’s wrong is that we’re in the middle of August, in the scorching heat, and Hergé keeps drawing me wearing A SCARF!!! I honestly never noticed it on him until he said it. I wonder if comic characters ever complain about what their cartoonists made them wear like little kids might complain about the clothes their mothers picked out for them. Did Tintin finally convince Hergé to let him pick out his own trousers by ”Tintin in the Picaros” ?

By the way, I”m curious whether or not you liked the change of wardrobe in that comic. I actually preferred the earlier pants, but is there anybody out there who likes the newer style more? Just curious. There doesn’t seem to be much in the Tintin world of the internet going on, so maybe a healthy debate over something pointless would help drive some energy into it. If you find anything interesting related to Tintin, I’d be glad to hear about it.





Chaque Jeudi

Having lived in Spain for so many years, it is impossible not to get involved with soccer. I don’t follow Real Madrid or Barcelona much beyond the highlights, but I love to see the Spanish flags come out every two years for the world and euro cups. This one’s for everybody in Spain or Italy, as well as any true football (or soccer, as I would tend to call it) fans, or simply for anybody who never knew that Tintin was once drawn in a football uniform.

His face is really quite aggressive. And the socks are…well, they’re interesting, to say the least. Yellow and black are both colors in the Belgian flag. Can anybody back up my guess that that was the Belgian jersey in 1979?


Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 209 du 7 Septembre 1979

To a certain degree though, Tintin kind of looks like he’s wearing Iker Casillas’ uniform. It’s close…

Iker Casillas Iker Casillas of Spain celebrates victory during the UEFA EURO 2012 semi final match between Portugal and Spain at Donbass Arena on June 27, 2012 in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Come on Spain!



Chaque Jeudi

When it was first advertised that ”Explorers on the Moon” (or, more literally, ”We have walked on the moon”) would soon have its first pages appear in Tintin Magazine, people weren’t sure what to expect. And whatever they expected might have been wrong, if they based their guesses on this cover. Whoever the mysterious old man with the top hat is, he doesn’t show up in the books. He could, I suppose, be ”the old man on the moon”, but he still isn’t in the story. The following week’s cover has the moon with a mammoth on it…

By the way, would any of those people who months ago disliked that last poster that came out for the Tintin movie care to criticize the ”floating head syndrome” that this cover must have as well? Granted, these guys do have a bit more shoulders, but it’s pretty close. It was good enough for Hergé, apparently, and I’m now even more proud of the poster I have laminated on my wall.


Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 80 du 4 Mai 1950


Chaque Jeudi

This one’s very interesting, to me at least, because it shows Tintin with a problem he almost never has: dealing with the press. Sure, there were a couple occasions where he was offered exorbitant amounts of money for an article he was going to write, but even when he comes back from the moon he has less press coverage than he does on this cover. And it seems he’s most comfortable that way. Especially Snowy looks generally frightened by the mob, but Tintin shows some of that too. The paparazzi may follow Castafiore around, but the leave Tintin alone.

Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 298 du 22 Mai 1981

By the way, this cover advertises a contest to win 50 Tintin beach towels. I have no idea how much money one of those would be worth, but I bet they’d be really, really collectible.