Tintin Albums

This page has been amended following legal demands by Moulinsart, the owners of the Tintin copyright. It originally showed the covers to the English editions of Tintin’s adventures. Each image was linked to the relevant Amazon.com page from where I acquired the image so that the Tintinology web site could earn about $0.50 if you clicked on the link and brought the book.

However, Moulinsart are very restrictive over use of their copyright material and wrote to me very politely asking me not to use it. This seemed odd, I thought that maybe something had been lost in the translation, so I wrote back, asking them explicitly about these pages and they said:

…the reproduction of the covers of the albums, for the sole purpose of redirecting visitors from your website to a commercial site (www.amazon.com), cannot be part of the exception of fair dealing…

That’s right. The company who make the Tintin books do not want web sites like Tintinology to sell them.

This is clearly a perverse attitude for a business but Moulinsart are legally entitled to be perverse.

I’ve therefore covered up the majority of copyrighted artwork and included this statement as a commentary on Moulinsart’s policy on copyright enforcement. As this page is now an act of analysis and criticism, the doctrine of fair use allows me to display part of each cover.

If you want see the full cover art, just click in the image and you will still be taken to the relevant Amazon.com page just like before. There you can see the artwork in all its glory and if you buy anything from Amazon whilst you are there, you will earn a little bit of money for this web site.

Tintin in AmericaCigars of the PharaohThe Blue Lotus

Tintin and the Broken EarThe Black IslandKing Ottokar's SceptreThe Crab with the Golden ClawThe Shooting Star

The Secret of the UnicornRed Rackham's TreasureThe Seven Crystal BallsPrisoners of the SunLand of Black Gold

Destination MoonExplorers on the MoonThe Calculas AffairThe Red Sea SharksTintin in Tibet

The Castafiore EmeraldFlight 714Tintin and the PicarosTintin and  Alpha-ArtTintin Collectors Set

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