The Black Island

In the original black and white version of  The Black Island, the TV broadcasting the Thompsons’ airshow was color, but in the redrawn color version, the TV was left in black and white. Also. the counterfeit money was changed from one pound notes to five pound notes.

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By popular demand, the highly praised Travels of a Boy Reporter has returned. This map tracks the journey of Tintin in his 23 adventures across the world.

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I love screenshots. And posts on screenshots. So I was quite pleased when I found these.  Let’s check them out!


Like most of what these characters do in the game, it appears Tintin will only be able to do this in the game. Who cares HOW it works, Tintin being able to fly will be fun.

There’s a small chance that this COULD be Castafiore’s parrot…who knows? Please no long write ups on that idea though…


I love Marlinspike! Even after having been to the palace Marlinspike Hall was modeled off of, I still am looking forward to actually ”walking around in Marlinspike”. If you read my write up on the second trailer, I am now sure that what looked like the back of the mansion to me before is actually the front of it.


It seems whether you are in Marlinspik, Morocco or on the Karaboudjan, Tintin will always have a super tall ventilation shaft to slide down and pounce on somebody from. I can just see myself hanging there, waiting for the bad guy to be just within my reach…


You could debate about how some of the other shots were taken, but this one is clearly straight from gameplay. It´ll be cool if they use the platform style game to let Tintin shoot bullets in certain spots at just the right angle that then have to deflect off of something, destroy a pipe,etc. I for one will have lots of fun with that option.


One of the men working on the game recently told us we wouldn’t be killing people in this game, only knocking them out. So far that seems about right, at least for the most part. While many cartoons have little stars over their heads when a character is hurt, Hergé certainly used that idea and it´s great to see them in the game.


I love the graphics on the rocks and pillars. Sure, we cna admit they aren´t the graphics of Assassins Creed revelations or anything like that, but they still look great and will make for something fun to look at while we have fun playing the game.


The dust around Tintin´s feet is handled nicely as well. Will this be a clip, or one of those levels like the motorcycle level where we just keep moving forward?


It seems Tintin is about to become a bit of a MacGyver: anything around him can be used to knock someone out or get him out of danger, from bananas to bottles. On the other hand, the awesome level design looks like it will also have conveniently placed targets and things like that on the wall for Tintin to hit with whatever he finds…

The page says these pictures do not apply to the wii version of the game. Most of the time Wii games get a different treatment, but I haven’t heard anything about that and don’t know how much good it’d do on a platform game anyway.


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Via the Comic Bits web site, Welsh language publisher Dalen Books reports:

“We’ve just also published Tintin the Black Island in Welsh, with Land of Black Gold to follow in Welsh in September We’ll be doing the 2 Tintin moonshot stories next year (plus also a possible Irish edition TBC).

I’ll send you our current Tintin titles for evaluation; I imagine they could be of interest to aficianados of the genre. It’s surprising how many orders we’ve received for these from collectors on the continent. ALSO, fans can also get free A2 Tintin posters from our website (they just pay for p&p), the kind they’d get charged £15 for an unframed French version – and we’re currently hosting an online Tintin competition with a rare and collectable running sheet of 8/8 pages as a prize. The only thing is, the question is based on the Welsh Black Island which entrants will have to get before they’re able to answer!”

More on Welsh Comics and Books: Dalen Books

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Herge liked to mix real and fictional geography in his story-telling, sometimes explicitly and sometimes implicitly.

Machu Picchu - Temple of the Sun

Machu Picchu doesn’t appear directly in the books but it can be assumed as the basis for the temple in The Seven Crystal Balls / Prisoners of the Sun. Located high in mountains, in a remote part of Peru, it was the last strong hold of the Incas. A sacred site, one of the main buildings is called the Temple of the Sun. The site was ‘discovered’ and made famous in 1911 by the American explorer and historian Hiram Bingham.


This facade appears in The Red Sea Shark though you may be more familiar with it from Indian Jones and the Last Crusade. In reality it is in Petra, an ancient city in modern-day Jordan and is one of the true wonders of the world. At its peak, around 200AD, it was a city of over 20,000 people with a sophisticated water management system that allowed the city to thrive in the middle of a desert.

Loch Lomond Photo

Loch Lomond itself never appears in the books but it is a name familiar to all Tintin fans as Captain Haddocks favourite tipple. It is particularly prominent in The Black Island as Tintin visits Scotand but it crops up regularly in a number of books. There is a real world Loch Lomond Distillery who do tours. So, if you are ever in Scotland, call in, see how they make the whisky and have a wee dram for Captain Haddock.