Destination Moon

In the original printing of Destination Moon, the moon tank was originally bright yellow. It was changed later to the current blue color, because scientists thought that color would better absorb the light rays on the moon, and Hergé took their advice.

Destination Moon

Hergé later realized that Bob De Moor had put so much work into getting the towers around the moon rocket right on the cover of Destination Moon that he forgot to add the steering wheel of Professor Calculus’ blue jeep.

Destination Moon, Explorers on the Moon

I just saw this today on the Tintin fan page on Facebook and had to post it here. Around Easter I posted about a really cool ”The Unicorn” made entirely out of chocolate. But when it comes to Tintin-themed desserts…this ”takes the cake.” The Destination Moon-Explorers on the Moon” two-part story is my favorite of all of the stories in the albums, so I am a huge fan of this cake! It has eight layers of sponge cake, is covered in red and white sugar paste, and is 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall.


The Final Product!

Making the cool moon surface for it to stand on.

I’m impressed.



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By popular demand, the highly praised Travels of a Boy Reporter has returned. This map tracks the journey of Tintin in his 23 adventures across the world.

Download & Print

The map is available as a download for just £10. Once you’ve downloaded it you are free to use it how you wish (non-commercially only). Print it out, have t-shirts made, use it as your computer’s desktop. You are free to use it however you want.

It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from the small 480×320 pixels, suitable for an iPhone, to the huge 6679×4722 pixels, suitable for an A1 poster.

Find out more about the map or skip to chase and buy it now.

High resolution graphics with license to print and use the map for any non-commercial purpose.

Destination Moon, Explorers on the Moon, Tintin Merchandise

Time for another flashback to the glory days of home computing and early consoles.

In 1989, French company Infogrames launched Tintin on the Moon for the Atari ST home computer. At the time, the ST was one of the best computers for graphics and sound on the market, making it the perfect platform for a Tintin computer game.


Screenshot (c) Infogrames

Judging from the reviews in “The One”, a magazine from the time, the producers of the game made full use of the computer’s multi-media potential. Unfortunately they failed to make the game interesting to play or long enough to justify the expensive price tag. It earn a rating of just 66%.

tintin on the moon atari st review the one

(c) The One. Click for large image

Source: Atarimania

See also Retro-Gaming about Tintin in Tibet for the Sega Mega Drive.

Destination Moon, Explorers on the Moon, Land of Black Gold, The Black Island

Via the Comic Bits web site, Welsh language publisher Dalen Books reports:

“We’ve just also published Tintin the Black Island in Welsh, with Land of Black Gold to follow in Welsh in September We’ll be doing the 2 Tintin moonshot stories next year (plus also a possible Irish edition TBC).

I’ll send you our current Tintin titles for evaluation; I imagine they could be of interest to aficianados of the genre. It’s surprising how many orders we’ve received for these from collectors on the continent. ALSO, fans can also get free A2 Tintin posters from our website (they just pay for p&p), the kind they’d get charged £15 for an unframed French version – and we’re currently hosting an online Tintin competition with a rare and collectable running sheet of 8/8 pages as a prize. The only thing is, the question is based on the Welsh Black Island which entrants will have to get before they’re able to answer!”

More on Welsh Comics and Books: Dalen Books

Destination Moon, Herge, King Ottokar's Sceptre, The Secret of the Unicorn, The Shooting Star

Have you ever wondered where Syldavia is? Where Tintin found the Shooting Star? Or where was Captain Haddock’s ancestor was marooned in Secrets of the Unicorn?

I had.

When I read Tintin, I wanted to know more about the places he visited. Herge brought them so vividly to life in the books that as a child I dreamt of going to Tibet and finding the Yeti myself or to exploring the streets of Brussels and meeting the weird and wonderful characters that occupied Tintin’s world. Over time, I grew up and these fantasy developed into a genuine fascination in the history and geography of the world.


My love for Tintin had waxed and waned over the years. I completed my collection of books but they were rarely looked at. More reminders of fond memories than anything I kept for their own value. Yet when the Tintin movie was announced, something drew me back to them and I started this blog. Once more I’ve found myself engrossed with Tintin except this time, I was more interested Tintin’s place in the world. How Herge shaped the real world around his hero, keeping some aspects of reality and ignoring others. Eventually this drew me to the map. I wanted to be able to see how Herge had intertwined reality with fiction and a map was the easiest way of exploring this aspect of Herge’s creativity.

Shooting Star Map

Probably my favourite part of the map is the route taken in The Shooting Star. It was the first Tintin book I owned and I spent many hours as a child reading and rereading it. But what stands out from the map is the real sense of a chase taking place. With the sighting of the Perry and the distraction of the faked SOS message, more than any other of Tintin’s travels, it is possible to see how the story and his physical journey combined.

Explore the travels of a boy reporter with the interactive map, read more about the map, or download the map. The map is also available to buy as a poster in a variety of sizes.

Destination Moon, The Castafiore Emerald

Tintin is eighty years old this year and he is even bigger than ever.

Size Matters

As part of a whole year of celebrating Tintin‘s birthday and Belgium comics in general, Brussels unveiled the world’s largest comic page. Weighing almost 350kg and covering an area of 672 sqm (about 3 Tennis courts), the scene from Destination Moon was created using thermo-welded panels.

Giant Tintin

Record Busting Auction

To cap the weekend off, on Sunday almost 600 lots of Tintin and Herge memorabilia was up for action and broke national and world record prices. The sale raised 1,172,000 euros (1.57 million dollars), a new world record for Herge related items and a national record for comic book related sales. The sale included five large original hand-drawn pages. Two of which from the “The Castafiore Emerald” sold for a total of 312,5000 euros to an unknown Belgium collector.

Sources: Giant Tintin page takes pride of place in Brussels, Records broken at Tintin auction

Destination Moon, Explorers on the Moon

Tintin’s Rocket from Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon is one of the most iconic images from the comics. Not surprisingly it crops it in a lot of places such as the video below where someone is testing their CGI skills.

On a slightly more ambitious scale, this 3 minute film re-imagines the rockets launch and flight (with a nice twist at the end).

This final video is in Spanish (I think) Catalan and it appears to be a physics lecture about rockets and gravity using Tintin’s tip to the moon as an example.