Follow in the Footsteps of Tintin


The twists and turn of Tintin’s adventures in The Shooting Star can be followed.

From the depths of the ocean to the peaks of the highest mountains and beyond into space, Hergé’s Tintin explored the world and millions of children explored it with him. Revisit that innocent excitement of childhood with Travels of a Boy Reporter.

“an absolutely astonishing job”

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Loving created by a lifelong Tintin fan, this map plots each of the boy reporter’s journeys across the globe and into space. Readers from seven to seventy can track the intrepid hero’s travels, page by page, as they read. Opening a new world of understanding into how Hergé’s careful research, dedication to accuracy and occasional mistake shaped his masterwork.

Where Can I Get The Map?

“It’s incredible”

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Travels of a Boy Reporter has been created for lovers and aficionados for Herge’s most famous work. It cannot be purchased in a shop or on other web sites. It is exclusively available from Tintinology.


“He even managed to fit in the Moon!”

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Hergé wrote and completed twenty three different adventures in his life time. From the hard to find Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (1929) to his final work, Tintin and the Picaros, in 1979. Travels of a Boy Reporter plots the route of each of these.

An Education in Geography


The map carefully plots Tintin’s travels in the far east, overcoming the challenges thrown up by eighty turbulent years of wars, revolutions and name changes.

Hergé was passionate about educating and informing young people. He knew what a difference a good education can make, especially when dealing with peoples and cultures different from our own. Every culture or country Tintin visited was carefully researched by Hergé and this is reflected in the books.

The Travels of a Boy Reporter map continues this tradition with meticulous attention to detail and research. Every frame of every book was analyzed for clues. How people dressed, the languages spoken, the vegetation and the animals all helped pin point each step of Tintin’s journeys.

Can I Print The Map?


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Absolutely! The files in the download are suitable for using in a poster up to 33.1 x 23.4 inches (A1). Plus different sized graphics are included for display on your computer, laptop or iPhone. You can put it on t-shirts, place mats, towels, bedspreads and just about anything else you can think of.

“What I Always Wanted”


Tintin’s jourrney through the fictional countries of Syldavia and Borduria.

Designed by life long Tintinologist Chris Tregenza, this work was born out of a long held desire.

“I learnt to read on Tintin and I learnt so much about the world but I always wanted more. As a small child I would find my Father’s atlas and look up the wonderful places Tintin had visited and dream of going there myself.”

“a labor of love”

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“Years later, during the quiet days between Christmas and New Year, I started sketching out a map thinking it would only take a few days. Five months of constant work later I had the first prototype in my hand and it was still a couple of months later that the final version was complete.”

“This map has taught me so much about the world.”

For All True Fans

Travels of a Boy Reporter is made by a fan for other fans. Embodying five months of solid work and exacting standards of accuracy, the map is only available from Tintinology.

Travels of a Boy Reporter




High resolution graphics with license to print and use the map for any non-commercial purpose.

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