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Jamie Bell on Tintin 2: Filming May Start Late 2016.

We’ve seen Jamie Bell on-screen as everything from boy reporter to Roman soldier, but I never thought I’d see him as “The Thing” from the Fantastic Four. I’m sure he’s been pressed with loads of questions about his role in the next big Marvel blockbuster-but the main thing French folks from Premiere want to know, of course, is when (or even if) Tintin 2 is going to happen. Jamie Bell was hesitant to give a definite answer:

“I’m crossing my fingers that filming will start towards the end of next year. But that’s not 100 percent confirmed.”

Still, he was confident that the film is still going to happen:

“The project is still current.”

The projects that were clogging Jackson’s schedule are finally out of the way, so hopefully Jamie’s projected timeframe comes true. If it does though, that 2016 IMDB date will have to be pushed back at least a year, in the very best of scenarios.

This means that at least 6 years will pass between the first film’s release and Tintin 2. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but I hope they do a much better job marketing the film in the US this time around-what’s left of the film’s memory in the States is quickly fading.

Source: Premiere


  1. Abbey

    At least it still looms on the horizon! That’s good news. Whenever I wear my Tintin t-shirt, people ask about it and it seems to trigger a memory in their minds of the movie. Hopefully six years isn’t too long for non-die-hard fans!

  2. StevenNL

    A lot of Belgian media, both in Dutch and in French language like RTL.be and DeMorgen.be, have announced that filming could start at the end of 2016 with a possible release in 2017/2018.

  3. Alex

    Good news as at least it isn’t over. But still, as you said, filming at the end of 2016 means at the earliest we will see a late 2017 release. So yeah, a while.

    As Jackson has no projects planned and the script is (apparently) finished, I’m curious as to why filming cannot start sooner?

    Ah well, fingers crossed

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