Tentative Release Date for Tintin 2 on IMDB.

Sorry, fellow Tintin fans. I haven’t posted here in about a year! But I haven’t been dead-just waiting. The truth is, there hasn’t been much word about Tintin 2 for ages.

But now, though I’m not sure where it came from, we have a date. The IMDB page for Tintin 2 (which still lists the next title as “Prisoners of the Sun”) sets the release date as December 16th, 2016.

Regardless of what stories are in the next film, 2016 may be a realistic release date. I hope it isn’t a bit early, since it doesn’t look like work on this film has gone very far at all. But at last Jackson has Middle Earth out of the way. Tintin 2 looks like a logical next project for him to take on-not only has he been looking forward to this project, but it is sure to make money around the world. I just hope they market it better in the US than they did the last film.

What do you guys think? Can we trust this date? Or is it as uncertain as the title? Personally, I think Prisoners of the Sun would be a great choice for Tintin 2. But we were led to believe years ago that the film would be a different story, and I still haven’t found any reliable source correcting that idea.

Source: http://welovetintin.weebly.com/tintin-2-news/january-02nd-2015


  1. Alex

    Hi Stephen, I hope that date is accurate but I think it been there for some time. But, if production begins soon it isn’t impossible. And on the stories chosen, I think Prisoners of the Sun would be a fantastic choice. They are some of my favorites and I would love to see the dark tone. Also, a new setting like South America would be great.

  2. Steven

    Moulinsart sold rights to animation studio Normaal in Angoulême, Fr. to make three 52 minutes episodes about Hergé’s life and all(!) his comics characters!

  3. Alex

    I know….

    Its been 3 years and about 7 months since the UK Premier of #1. And still no confirmation on the sequel. Hobbit 3, which I loved btw, came out in December. So why no word still?

  4. Alex

    I suppose im becoming desperate, but Anthony Horowitz tweeted he is going to New Zealand for a month. Possible good sign…..

  5. thierry

    In the meantime looks like Moulinsart SA lost the exclusive right to Tintin: http://www.france24.com/en/20150609-netherlands-court-rules-heirs-tintin-author-herge-do-not-have-exclusive-rights-comics

    They will have to share with Casterman, this is a huge news, depends on how it will be handled but the court spoke.

    Will see what the future said, in the meantime, Stephen, you might be able to remove these ugly black boxes on top of the album titles on your main page 😉


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