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Anthony Horowitz has finished the script for Tintin 2.

There’s still no word on what’s actually in it, but Horowitz has finished the script for Tintin 2. It’s good news, but hardly big news. In fact, to paraphrase Horowitz’s remark in his recent interview with Daily Mail, he basically just said “Oh, by the way, I’ve finished Tintin.”

Antony, 58, in his flat in Clerkenwell, central London

What I find much more interesting is what he has to say about Tintin:

I’ve lived here with my wife Jill and our sons Nicholas and Cassian for eight years, and my den, perched high over the city, gives me a panoramic view of London which inspires me. But I was initially inspired to write by Tintin. I’ve got all the books, and I particularly love this Tintin rocket, which I picked up from a shop in Covent Garden, as it’s so iconic. It’s a constant reminder of my childhood hero. Incidentally, I’ve just finished writing the new Tintin film  for Steven Spielberg.


Personally, I loved the Alex Rider series (which is about a boy spy) and The House of Silk, a new Sherlock Holmes novel. Essentially, if you were to blend Alex and Sherlock together, you’d wind up with something quite like Tintin. So when I found out Horowitz was chosen to write the script, I thought “Oh, the choice makes perfect sense.”

But knowing Tintin has inspired Horowitz from an early age is refreshing, and reminds me of what Peter Jackson has said of his own childhood. Clearly these men hold Hergé’s characters and adventures with the utmost respect: Tintin helped make them who they are today. I look forward to knowing more details, but no matter what happens I am confident in the team making this film. While The Secret of the Unicorn is a tough act to follow, I think Tintin 2 has the potential to surpass it.

It remains to be seen how involved Spielberg is with this project. The plan as we know it is for Spielberg to produce and Jackson to direct. I don’t think we should read anything into what Horowitz said that would imply things have changed.

By the way, Horowitz, I’ve always wanted one of those fancy rockets.  I don’t know what I’m more likely to live to see first: the day Tintin 2 hits theaters, or the day one of those rockets goes on sale. Ah, a guy can dream…

Source: Daily Mail


  1. Alex

    Horowitz tweeted that we should hear “very soon” about an upcoming project of his. I think it is Tintin. Hopefully we hear some news soon.

  2. stephen Author

    Bob, Hobbit 2 was “The Desolation of Smaug” and that already came out in theaters last winter. Where I live it’s coming out on DVD this month, and I would be quite surprised if PJ could film before then.

    But perhaps before The Hobbit 3, which I believe was to be subtitled “There and Back Again.”

  3. Alex

    Herge’s widow’s husband said in an interview that Tintin 2 won’t be released before 2017 and that the budget will be lower than it was on the first Tintin…

  4. “Not very good news, just saying there is hope”

    What isn’t good news exactly? For me this is exactly what I’ve been suspecting the whole time; As soon as Jackson is done with The Hobbit he will (probably) start working on Tintin 2. It might take some longer time before the movie will be finished of course, but it will still be made, and that’s all that matters to me.

  5. stephen Author

    Thank you for bringing the Andy Serkis interview to my attention. It is good news that the movie is still going to happen…I think some of us are just ready for more details. I’ve been debating about posting about it. Despite people being busy, I am still confident the film will happen and have been working under that assumption for years. So it’s not that it’s not good news, it’s just not really news. 🙂 I’m hoping that in the upcoming months we can at least begin to hear about casting, but I don’t know if that’s realistic.

  6. Alex

    Because he is not confirming anything. All he’s saying is he’s love to do it. It’s pretty obvious he has no idea when filming will it begin, making it probably not right after Hobbit 3. For me it pails be great to be in the foreseeable future. We have waited long enough.

    Exactly Stephan. Maybe not bad, but nothing new. To me a bit more uncertain than usual.

  7. Alex

    Yeah. He also said he has “no idea” if it’s getting made but I guess he wouldn’t be able to comment even if he did know. Seems like it will happen, but it is far away, which we knew… 🙂

  8. Alex

    There’s an interview with Jackson and at the end he talks about upcoming films he wants to do . He mentions two and neither is Tintin…..

  9. Alex

    He quote is “soon”. As Hobbit is coming out here in the U.S on the 17th, i think we may finally see something happen with Tintin 2. Im hoping!

  10. Starr

    I am surprised they had not made the decision to have another Director take it on. Such was in the talks years ago with Guillermo Del Tor filming the 3rd installment. I think now a days, Andy Serkis himself would be a great choice to Direct. Just a thought.

  11. Jose

    So…alright, now that “Peter” is done with Hobbit, just go on and start with Tintin 2 right? No!!!! Txt
    He guy just came on “variety” stating that he doesn’t want Hollywood stuff for now….he rather just work on local New Zealand ideas….and Tintin will soon happen…
    My take on this? It turns out Tintin did not make $$ enough, otherwise the Sharks would be jumping on him by now…and what a cocky bastard!!!! He is rich!!why will he get to it? Even in the recent past he decided for hobbit instead of Tintin anyway…so here is what I think…either someone else take this off his hands, or we will stay without a second movie…the longer it goes, the more marketing money is really necessary for a successful movie leading to a third (like others) …I grew up with Tintin and I am a huge fan. I want our hero to be in the worlds face one more time and can’t wait to see him again. But really, guys, it is better someone with full dedication and love to the character to pick this up, then someone like him who doesn’t really need that on his curriculum. I think it is all bleak and I am really sorry it is coming down to this. Anyone’s opinion? LIFE TO TINTIN 2 !!!! Wgallopt@gmail.com

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