Could a New Tintin Album Happen in the Near Future?

Back in October, we received news that Moulinsart is planning to release a brand new adventure to stop all things Tintin from going into the public domain. But since that won’t happen until 2052, the news seemed quite premature. As controversial as the idea might be, the real debate will more likely be had by our children, or even our grandchildren.

But after a recent debate at Angouleme, it seems Nick Rodwell and friends might not think it’s a bad idea to make another Tintin album as soon as possible. In an interesting article on the subject, Bleeding Cool wraps up their news on the subject with this paragraph:

They seem to be preparing the way for a collection of lot of different creators doing their take on Tintin, along the model of Dupuis’ “Spirou by” series. And this kind of event is the first step along that path. Others brought into doubt that Herge did, indeed, request no more Tintin after his death. And others that the issue comes down to how you can separate Tintin work by Herge and work by future creators sufficiently, so that there is no “volume 25″. A well as Asterix, the example of Blake & Mortimer being successfully revived after the author’s death to critical acclaim was mentioned. And Rodell mentioned that the topic comes up constantly at home with his wife.

The debate itself, held in French, also hosted Benoit Mouchart (the editorial director of Casterman) and Renaud Montini, an intellectual property lawyer. I have a decent level of French, but the video is over an hour long, and I’m not sure if the French Youtube captions even match. I haven’t tried to watch it, but if any French speakers out there would like to (Thierry?), be my guest. Perhaps you could shed some light on any other details Bleeding Cool didn’t mention.

My understanding is that despite all this talk, much of it may just be talk. Without the permission of Hergé’s widow, I don’t think these plans will come to anything. But if she ever changes her mind, it’s feasible we could see new Tintin adventures on the shelves quite soon.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. It is one thing to transfer Tintin from the page to the screen, and even in Hergé’s day this was done with a fair amount of artistic license. It’s another thing to continue the original adventures in their original medium, some fifty years after the originals ended. Even if Hergé had wanted the strip to be be continued after his death, I’m not convinced this would be a good idea now.

There’s a huge difference between continuing a strip like Asterix and continuing Tintin. For one thing, one of the most interesting things about Tintin is how he took readers all around the world, dealing with current events as he went. From a literary perspective, Hergé practically summed up all of the 20th century into just under 25 albums. The strip itself is timeless, but it was heavily influenced by what was going on at the moment.

Give me your input, fans. If new Tintin albums do come out, would you like to see them set in the present day, having Tintin deal with the internet, the European Union, or even the wars going on in the Middle East today? Would you like to first see what Tintin was doing in the rest of the 80’s and the 90’s? Or would you rather that we lose that connection with Tintin living in our present day, and instead have more adventures set in some hard-to-pin-down time frame between the fifties and eighties?

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  1. thierry

    I promise I will look into it and try to translate. The lady host mic suck but the gentlemen mic are OK.

    It might take a while, it’s a long interview.

  2. Stephen

    Thierry, that would be amazing if you could translate the entire thing! But that would be quite an enormous task. If you are up to it, go for it, but feel free to perhaps just give us a somewhat detailed summary of what happens in each section, rather than the exact words of the entire debate.

    On question I would like to understand is whether or not this was a serious debate on the issue because they would like to and can act on plans to start a new album soon, or if this was just a hypothetical debate for the sake of having an interesting topic to debate at Angouleme. I have a suspicion that the former is probably true, but we’ll see.

  3. thierry


    I started the translation but it’s taking for ever, I translated the first 6’34” minutes. I do not know how you want to proceed, do you want me to send you what I have so far (I will need your email, I’m not sure if you changed) or do you want me to finish? It could take several days, I’m working slow.

    Let me know

  4. Bob

    I think it just says the script is finished. While that is a good sign, it still seems like we will have to wait a while for filming to happen.

  5. I’d prefer any new books to be set pre-war. Herge couldn’t insult the real Nazis at the time, by making them the villains (not while his editor was a big Mussolini fan), but now they’re more than fair game! Perhaps Tintin helping some Jews escape Germany?

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