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Tintin turns 85! And Madrid gets an official Tintin shop.

It is interesting to think that today, Tintin is ten years older than Hergé was at his death. Hergé’s son has not only outlived him, but grown a decade older than him.

I feel the urge to celebrate somehow. How should one celebrate Tintin turning quatre-vingt-cinq? Maybe I’ll bake a cake. I at least hope to pull out some albums, play my Tintin Mille Bornes, and rewatch the Tintin movie one more time.

But more than anything I would love to visit Madrid’s new Tintin shop, which Google tells me opened just this past week. I have now been to the official Tintin shops in Brussels and London, so when I found out one was in Madrid, I was ecstatic. I understand most of you English readers aren’t in Madrid, or even Spain, but in case you ever drop by, this is their website: http://www.laestrellamisteriosa.com/mapa.html (not much at the moment, but they are still pretty new).

The shop is interestingly called “La Estrella Misteriosa” (literally, “The Mysterious Star,” which is actually the literal translation of what we know as “The Shooting Star” in English). I assume they chose not to call their store “The Tintin Shop” or something similar to avoid conflict with the other shop in Barcelona, which I have not been to. However, this one, if I cannot visit today, I will soon.

What about you, Tintinophiles? Doing anything special for Tintin’s birthday? As always, feel free to leave a comment. We’re happy to hear from you.

Source: El Mundo






  1. Happy Birthday Tintin! I’m so busy with school but I’ll rewatch the movie again, its been a while. I’m surprised there isn’t an official Tintin shop in France though.

  2. Alex

    Hey guys. Jamie Bell has said recently that Tintin 2 is happening, but again not until PJ is done with The Hobbit. Hopefully that is soon, any thoughts as to when?

  3. thierry

    Considering that the third installment of the Hobbit will come out in December this year (and the Extended Edition in November next year), I do not see PJ starting shooting Tintin until early next year at the earliest. Peter Jackson is known to work on the LOTR movies until the last minute, I think I recall an interview where one of the Hobbit postproduction staff mentioned they were still working on the first Hobbit movie the night before the premiere in New Zealand.

    Considering how long it took for Tintin 1 to be in postproduction, I do not see Tintin 2 to be release until December 2016 at the earliest.

    I hope it’s in 2016 because as I mentioned before Christmas 2015 look way too crowded:

    Also I hope it won’t be release in December 2015 because it will compete with Mission Impossible 5, Star Wars 7, Kung Fu Panda 3 and Alvin and the Chipmunk 4.

    My 2 cents of course, nothing scientific behind this 😉


  4. stephen Author

    What I find encouraging is that Peter Jackson clearly wants to do Tintin right. He is a real Tintin fan and in some ways seems more excited by this project than even The Hobbit. It is in the hands of a true fan, and it will be interesting to see how the sequel changes with Peter at the wheel.

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