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Tintin 2 (probably) set for 2016

One of the annoying things about posting Tintin 2 details is that, honestly, there aren’t many details. It’s hard to be dogmatic on when and what will happen exactly, and even the occasional pieces of “news” force me to be vague. The truth about Tintin 2 is that it’s still pretty far away.

But at least now Peter Jackson’s given us a short interview on why that is, though we all knew the answer already: the Hobbit has simply taken up most of his time and energy. In a recent interview with Bad Taste, Jackson told us:

“As soon as I’m free of ‘The Hobbit,’ I’ll be going back into doing ‘Tintin.’ It was held up by The Hobbit, but we have every intention of doing another Tintin movie and it’s just waiting on me to be done with these ‘Hobbit’ movies.”

You can see the whole video here:


IMDB now currently has a release date for December 16th, 2016. I’m not sure where that info came from.



So…it looks like the movie will come out almost exactly 2 years from now. We had hoped for better, but at least the project is still on the table, and Jackson seems excited about getting involved with the project, once he finishes with those “pesky Hobbit movies.” Actually, I thought the first Hobbit movie was absolutely fantastic and am seriously looking forward to seeing the other two movies when they come out. It’ll be a good way to pass the time until Tintin 2.

2016 isn’t so bad. Instead we could have been waiting until…oh,I don’t know, say, 2052…

Sources: http://www.slashfilm.com/peter-jackson-says-hell-still-make-that-tintin-sequel-after-the-hobbit/






Thanks Alex for sharing this info.



  1. thierry

    So we had:

    December 2011: Tintin 1
    December 2012: Hobbit 1
    December 2013: Hobbit 2
    December 2014: Hobbit 4
    December 2015: Nothing from Peter Jackson so far
    December 2016: Tintin 2

    I see that Tintin 2 might compete with Avatar 2: http://www.movieinsider.com/movies/december/2016/#.UqpWCtJDuFU

    Also I hope it won’t be release in December 2015 because it will compete with Mission Impossible 5, Star Wars 7, Kung Fu Panda 3 and Alvin and the Chipmunk 4: http://www.movieinsider.com/movies/december/2015/#.UqpWF9JDuFU

    December 2015 will be crowded…

    Will see in 3 years (or 2).


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