Tintin available for iPad

For years now some of you may have been following the project to make digital versions, such as you could use on an iPad, of the Tintin albums. Finally, they are for sale!

I don’t own a tablet myself, but the prices sound reasonable and there are supposed to be some fun things you can unlock as you go through the books. You can check it out here:


  1. thierry

    I read this here also:

    You have to scroll down to pass the first 10 movie title.

    I’m still not sure, these rumors are recent but Anthony Horowitz at one point say no it will not be the Prisoner of the sun (I think it was him not Peter Or Steven who said it, not 100% sure).

    But who know, I think it is one of the best Tintin albums and Calculus is in the center of it.

    So I can see Tintin and Haddock trying to hire Calculus to retrieve the lost precious cargo of the Unicorn and having to deliver him from the Temple of the Sun because he gets kidnapped for some reason.

    Will see soon, if shooting start soon (and it should start soon because Christmas 2015 is around the corner 😉 we should see news soon.

    my 2 cents


  2. Caleb

    This is good news. But from those sources it seems the Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun are going to be the chosen albums. Anyway’s I hope more news keeps coming.

  3. thierry

    So if Seven Crystal Balls is the one that sound great, it’s one of my favorite Wonder how they will escape the incas, Hergé himself did not like the sun eclipse to much. He knew that incas (son of the sun) using a magnifier to light up the straw could not be fooled by a teenager invoking the sun to hide because it disagree with the sacrifice.

    Will see in 2015.


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