Easter Eggs

I thought about maybe writing an article on Easter Eggs in the Tintin movie. But there’s no need. Archibald has already done an extremely thorough job. So please, while we wait for new of the next Tintin movie, please do read this and appreciate the last one a little bit more.



Also, we are on the lookout for two unknowns: what is the exact panel that the Tintin portrait Hergé paints at the beginning comes from, and why is Portsmouth in the opening credits? Did Tintin go there, or did someone in the cast or crew work there or come from there?


  1. Archibald

    Thanks for that post, Stephen !

    And yes, we still have to figure out these two mysteries. Help from expert tintinologists is most welcome 🙂

  2. Steven (NL)

    Oh no, the third Hobbit movie has been postponed for another half year! Yet again more waiting for us, Tintin fans…

  3. Alex

    i don’t know how bad it is, if he can still film Tintin 2 this year(which he said he would back in December) than 2015 is still possible as the move is probably due to post-prodction. Still, it sums that we know nothing about the movie and it is supposed to be two years away.

  4. Alex

    well, at least it is still Christmas 2015. Two and a half years. As much as that sucks it is interesting that the Blue Lotus will probably be the third one, i didn’t expect that. Well, it sounds like it is going to one of the connected books. I hope for the moon ones.

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