Tintin turns 84!

Well, I’ll spare you the annual gag Tintinologists hear every January that he’s “still looking as young as ever.”

Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 580 du 21 Octobre 1986

Here is one of the Tintin magazine covers celebrating Tintin’s birthday (though I think this is the birthday of Tintin magazine). But still, it is an incredible feat: that a comic character has stayed around for 84 years, and is still extremely popular around the world. A decade older than even Superman or Batman, he stands alone as an entirely different character, in a different world of comics that young and old love to dive into.

And I would be remiss without mentioning that 84 years later, Tintin still has some popular sites and blogs about him on the internet, which people continue to read and follow. I shout out a very loud thank you to all of you readers, but especially to the many of you who have kept up with this site for years.

Sadly, we cannot really give Tintin much of a present for his birthday, but I have an idea which may allow us to celebrate some of what Tintin has left us. Over the next week or so, send an email to tintinology84@gmail.com with a picture and brief description of something related to Tintin that you really enjoy, and for those of you who are collectors, it would be really cool to see pictures of some old or unique Tintin item you may have. Whether it be a special album, or just something Moulinsart has sold (expensive or…well, I was going to say inexpensive, but it may be better to say “less” expensive). It may even be a home made craft or even a cake. If you prefer, I will not share your name, or you can go under a different identity. The point is just to celebrate Tintin’s birthday while having fun seeing what different people have collected, or made, that is Tintin related over the years. After I have given others a chance to send me their pictures, I will finally show some of what I have. It isn’t a fantastic collection, but it has several things I find special. I was especially blessed to receive quite a lot of nice Tintin items this Christmas, and I am sure those who gave them to me would love to see them posted here.

Please, big or small, feel free to send me a picture of anything Tintin. And hopefully, perhaps even next month, we will have some new news about the script for Tintin 2.

source: http://lejournaldetintin.free.fr/affiche.php?action=detail&asso=2&annee=1986&numero=580




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