Tintin in Tehran?

I love it when news gets strange.

Apparently Arvand Dashtaraia play-write from Tehran, has announced he is going to perform a play based of “The Adventures in Tintin.” The story will be original, called “Tintin and the Secret of Moundas Castle.”

Iranian dramaturge and dramatist Mohammad Charmshir has written the play based on “The Adventures of Tintin” collection written by the Belgian artist Georges Remi — Herge.

“I was interested in the Tintin books since I was a little boy. All of his adventures and curiosity have had a great influence on me, and I wanted to pay my debt of gratitude to Herge,” Dashtarai said in an interview.


I have no idea how the rights of this are being handled…or what Moulinsart thinks about this.

What do you think? Can this happen with (or without) Moulinsart’s approval? Does anybody want to see it?




  1. Alex

    Good news guys!! Anthony Horowitz said the script of tintin 2 should be done by February! It’s means filming could take place pretty soon.

  2. clin108

    Well, I have just seen this play at Tehran couple of days ago when I was traveling there.
    Obviously, most of the young people of Tehran were quite interested in this play as well. I didn’t know that this play was written by the Iranian dramatist before I googled the name of the play.
    The play, actually, was quite good. Though it performed in Persian and I don’t speak Persian at all, the performers were quite expressive and creative. I think it is a good present for the birthday of Tintin, no matter if the story is the original.

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