Tintin set for a 2015 release date.

With the new release of The Hobbit, of course Jackson was bound for some interviews on what was to become of his future projects, and Tintin 2 thankfully came up.

Peter Jackson has a ton of work to do with his movies, and has told us that he would rather stay on one movie at a time. Nevertheless, he said he was planning on talking with Anthony Horowitz more soon and shooting in 2013, with the hope of finally releasing the movie sometime in 2015.

This isn’t HUGE news, and 2015 is still far away, but it does let us know that plans to make the movie (which we’ve known for over a year were being formed) are finally taking shape. And, hopefully, we will soon have more interesting news, interviews, casting, (a title!), etc. Stay tuned fans! I haven’t been dead. Just waiting…:-)

Source: http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/peter-jackson-says-hell-shoot-adventures-of-tintin-sequel-next-year-for-2015-release-20121212



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