1 day left.

Meryl Streep was considered for Bianca Castafiore.

So, tell me. What, if anything, will you do to celebrate the first anniversary of the Tintin Movie? Will you at least watch the movie? Have you thought of anything special to do?

As always, this site is still running, and while Tintin related news is slow, Tintin is timeless and remains a part of our culture. And as that side of culture manifests itself,  whether through movies, the internet, or you guys, I’m happy to post about it and keep it all in one record.


  1. Lilla My

    I’m looking forward to when the second movie is starting to get done, because this blog gets full of yummy information. Hehe

    As the anniversary, I wont do anything until 28’t since that was the day it was released in Sweden, but when that time comes I will definitely watch the movie again.

  2. Thierry

    @ Mike,

    At least you will see Daniel Craig on the new Bond movie playing a “nice” guy, contrary to playing the “bad” guy in Tintin’s movie 😉


    My kid and I will watch the movie for the 7 or 8th time together tomorrow.


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