The Seven Crystal Balls

18 days left

Hergé told the story of how he and Edgar P. Jacobs went to collect sketches and data from a house Jacobs has discovered as the ideal location for the house of Professor Hercules Tarragon in The Seven Crystal Balls. Hergé spent considerable time with his friend writing down everything they needed, thinking that it would not be too difficult to explain to anybody why they were there, and that the house looked abandoned anyhow. But as soon as they had finished sketching and had put away their equipment, several grey cars pulled up in front of the house- it had recently been occupied by a member of the German SS! Had they seen them sketching the house, they would have had a great deal of explaining to do…

I hope to actually see this house in person one day…


  1. Stephen

    Yeah, this is a fairly common one. I haven’t read that biography of Herge’s life that has been made by somebody in ligne claire style, but I believe this part is on the cover of the book. I would be remiss not to mention it though for those who haven’t heard it 🙂

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