The Secret of the Unicorn

20 days left

Hergé’s friend Jacques Van Melkebeke (who we’ve mentioned earlier in the past weeks) is shown at the flea market, wearing  a brown suit. Now I’m curious…is he in the movie?


  1. thierry

    Look in the book and he appears in page 2, bottom strip, Center frame, he has a book in his hand and he is looking to his left at the commotion provoked by the Thompson.

    The episode with the twins being arrested wrongly does not appear in the movie and I looked at the 9 minutes of the movie (the section in the market) and I could not see him anywhere. Although note that this market is pretty crowded and I could have missed him.

    If somebody find him let us know.


    PS: great articles, please continue.

  2. Stephen

    How many of these do you guys already know? I can say/find harder trivia, but I figured a lot of people would not know these.

  3. Lilla My

    I knew some of these already. I have Hergés Complete Collection (or, I don’t know what it’s called in English), and they have a lot of facts in them. Maybe one or two of these was new though, like this one.

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