Coming up soon: 30 days of Tintin trivia.

After following every single little detail for year after year after year…it’s almost impossible for me to believe it has been almost an entire year since The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn came out in theaters! Maybe, with luck, we’ll get some info regarding the next film soon? Either way, here at Tintinology we’ll be celebrating the anniversary of the film’s premiere as we slowly but surely await the next film’s release (and it is a long ways away, don’t be fooled). But the site is dedicated mostly to Tintin, not just the Tintin movie(s). So as you’ve no doubt figured out from the title, starting September 22 and going on until October 22nd, I plan to release 30 posts of Tintin trivia, with at least one piece of trivia for each book. I promised trivia when I joined this site, and it is high time you get plenty of it. Cause who doesn’t love trivia? And if it’s Tintin trivia…even better…

So make sure to check back here on Saturday to get the first piece of trivia! Here’s a sample piece of little-known trivia to get you started: Hergé wrote at least two Tintin plays, both with the help of a man named Jacques Van Melkebeke. The first, Tintin in India-The Mystery of the Blue Diamond (Tintin aux Indes-Le Mystère du Diamant Bleu) is about Tintin investigating the disappearance of the Maharajah’s blue diamond. It contains three acts, in India, on a ship, and in a castle in Syldavia. The second, The Disappearance of Mr Boullock (M. Boullock a Disparu) also contains three acts, with Tintin going from Brussels to Casblanca, Argentina, China and Tibet, and then again to Belgium. In both cases Tintin was played by a young girl. I have not been able to find anywhere online that the scripts can be found, and as far as I know Moulinsart has not published them. But Hergé did write them…They even sound more interesting then the Castafiore Emerald was! I would love to read them if anybody ever finds them.

Come back for more trivia this Saturday!


  1. Lilla My

    Wiihoo! Can’t wait for the trivia! Always fun to see how much you already know, and learn new stuff!

    I’m very positive that I’ve seen pictures of at least one of the girls playing Tintin in on of those plays, but it was a really long time ago. They really do sound interesting.

  2. Mike Dutton

    I have a drawing on my computer that Hergé did do for the play. It shows Tintin and Snowy thinking, while an Indian guard stands weeping next to him.

  3. stephen Author

    @ Mike: Is there any way I could see that drawing? I would love to post about it, or even just see it for my own interest if for whatever reason it should not be posted. where did you get it/see it? I’d love to know more about the play.

  4. Mike Dutton

    @Stephen. It’s hard to say where I got it, as I’ve had it for so long. If you could send me an email of sorts, I’d send it to you that way.

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