Chaque Jeudi

Chaque Jeudi:

Today’s ”chaque jeudi” is a special one. Tintin isn’t on it, except in the corner, but I felt it was worth posting this cover of a different character, if only because I found it myself. If you go to Germany and visit Europa Park, be sure to visit the Silver Star coaster. The entire queue area is decorated with race car related items and blown-up comic strips of this character. I’d never heard of him, but he was featured in Tintin Magazine. Reminds me a little bit of Speed Racer…I like the style of the drawing. I wonder if the stories are any good?…

He’s Michel Vaillant, and apparently he was featured on Tintin magazine a lot. You can see many of his covers here , but I was unable to find these online. They might be there, but it’s possible this is the only way you’d have seen these, second to going to Europa Park or finding another copy.

You’re welcome.