Chaque Jeudi

Chaque Jeudi.

I’m back from my trip! Sorry I’ve missed the past few weeks.

Journal de TINTIN édition Belge N° 29 du 15 Juillet 1948

For those die-hard Jocko fans.

IS there such a thing as a die hard Jocko fan? Well, I’d love to hear from one in the comments, anyway.

Make sure to check back tomorrow and the next few days. I was able to visit Geneva, Switzerland, as well as Nyon, and I have pictures of the locations included in The Calculus Affair! I’m very excited to share them, and what I’ve learned about them, with you.






  1. Stephen

    Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, and that I couldn’t find time today either. I will do it soon, I promise! And I really think you’ll like the pictures.

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