1. Thierry

    I just learned that a third Hobbit movie will be made (instead of 2). Will Tintin 2 incur a delay due to this news? Based on this confirmed news: http://www.theonering.net/torwp/2012/07/30/59780-peter-jackson-confirms-third-film/

    The first hobbit movie will be release in December 2012
    The second movie will be release in December 2013 and
    The third movie will be release in Summer 2014.

    That leave a perfect opportunity for Tintin 2 to be release in December 2014.

    If Peter Jackson can managed to squeeze all this work.

    Now holiday 2014 could be busy (November is The Hunter Game 2 and December is Avatar 2).

    Time will tell

  2. Trix


    Wow, that’s really interesting, splitting it into 3 parts.
    And by the way, I think you mean The Hunger Games 2?
    Can’t wait until Tintin 2.

  3. thierry

    Sorry yes I meant the Hunger Game, never read the book and have not seen the movie yet. Sorry about my lack of knowledge on that one.

    Now for the third Hobbit movie I see few competition in the summer, in July there will be another X-men but june will see another transformer 4 and how to train your dragon 2. August seems quieter with Gardian of the Galaxie, not sure what it is.

    Will see

  4. Alex

    I would worry about it too much. Peter Jackson has already finished filming the hobbit parts 1 and 2. That means he is almost done with the filming of the series. I heard he will film tintin 2 for a couple of weeks early next year. That means we could see a December 2014 release date.

  5. Jonny P

    3 movies for the hobbit – is he having a laugh?! It’s not a long book in any case and it’s not exactly drenched with incident! Oh well. I am sure it will make loads of lovely money and maybe that’s the point.

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