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In a recent Anthony Horowitz twitter post, he told someone who was betting on a hybrid between ”Red Rackham’s Treasure” and ”The Calculus Affair”:

I’m not sure I’d put too much money on that.

Anthony Horowitz, thus far, has been better at telling us which albums it isn’t instead of which albums it is (if he hadn’t told us Prisoners of the Sun would be Tintin 2, would we know now that it wasn’t going to be that album? ) It sounds like a hybrid between Red Rackham’s Treasure and The Calculus Affair are off…And to be honest, I don’t blame them. They are both wonderful stories, but they are two flavors that I wouldn’t put in the same dish.

So what story’s could go with Red Rackham’s treasure? The film set us up for a hunt for a bigger treasure than Hergé had Tintin find, but now that they have we have to have Tintin and Haddock look for it. The Shooting Star or The Black Island are stories that might work. But of course, it’s all speculation at this point.

One thing though that they’ll have to solve: do Tintin and Haddock find this MASSIVE treasure we saw in Tintin 1 or not? If they do, they should be so incredibly rich it would change the rest of the series, even beyond the life of a normal chateau owner. If not…if they only get, say, some of it, than it will be hard to see how that is a better ending than Tintin 1 where they already got some treasure. Obviously the story will have to involve more, and I sure can’t wait (though I must) to see what Horowitz has planned.



  1. Lilla My

    I would still love to se a mix with The Shooting Star, since it’s one of my favourite albums.

    This waiting is killing me! I recently watched the first movie again (lovely afternoon that was) and at the end I was like; “MORE!”

  2. That was me on Twitter! Haha. Myself and Damien (the other person the Tweet is to) are now wondering if Kign Ottokar’s Sceptre is a possibility. As Horowitz also said that the clippings on the wall in the first film have no bearing on which books the second is based on!

  3. John

    I thought that it would be a hybrid between ”Red Rackham’s Treasure” and ”The Calculus Affair” but now I return to my initial idea of ”Red Rackham’s Treasure”, «The Seven Crystal Balls» ans «Prisoners of the Sun». So the treasure will may be recaptured by the Inca and presented to Tintin and Haddock such as it was in the movie «Temple of the Sun» of 1969.
    If the next movie will be «The Black Island» , the favourite Jackon’s story, it would be a contradiction because there is a reference to that in the first movie.

  4. Peter

    I’ve said this before, the calculus affair contains too much cold war elements to be even touched by Hollywood.

    I’d rather bet on one of the less political stories.

  5. Picaro

    “The Shooting Star” has espionage elements with the two teams racing to the meteorite… but it’s an sci fi adventure so that doesn´t fit with Jackson’s declarations about the change of genre.

  6. Joe

    An espionage type story sounds like Calculus Affair, but I agree with Peter; I can’t see Hollywood touching those cold war elements. It could be Land Of Black Gold (someone did say that the Thompons have a much bigger role in the sequel).

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