The Calculus Affair

Shift in tone…

In a recent Comic-Con interview, Peter Jackson mentioned this about Tintin 2:

The filmmakers plan to switch roles on the next one, with Jackson directing a follow-up that he said will move Tintin “to a slightly different genre, a slightly less of a rollicking adventure and something a bit more, a little bit more of a sort of espionage type of story. So it’s a slight tone shift, which I think will be good.”

Though this doesn’t confirm anything, ”espionage” does sound a whole lot more like The Calculus Affair than any other album. A combination of The Shooting Star” and ”Red Rackham’s Treasure,” proposed by some guessing fans as what Tintin 2 could be like, doesn’t seem to fit that feel as much.

Especially now that I’m going to Nyon, I admit I would be very excited if The Calculus Affair was the next film choice. Calculus could be introduced as a scientist they need to rescue that they get to know as they save him perhaps, rather than a character they already know. No matter how they do it, there’s potential in the album for a movie, that’s for sure.


  1. Trix


    At this stage, it could be based on any of the books, it is that uncertain. But I reckon they’ll try to put Red Rackham’s Treasure in somewhere…

  2. Steven (NL)

    I hope Jackson will hurry finishing The Hobbit, so he can start on Tintin. I found it a little concerning that he has approached the studio to do some extra shooting, so the second Hobbit movie can be split into a third one!

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