Herge, Moulinsart, Tintin, Tintin Merchandise

Tintin comes in first.

I found this on one of the Tintin Facebook fan pages. Apparently a Porsche decorated with Tintin and Snowy on the side one first place in a race in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia 2012! It seems only appropriate, with Hergé’s love of cars and putting them in his albums, for Tintin to actually be on the side of a modern race car.

This leads to the inevitable question: what was Tintin doing on the side of a Porsche in Asia? And some of us familiar with Moulinsart might also ask: how did Moulinsart ever allow this? Relax. They didn’t just put it on the side of the car’s door because Tintin and Snowy look cool there (though they DO look cool there). Like most every other sticker on race cars, it’s an advertisement from a sponsor. To be precise, an advertisement for the Tintin shop in Singapore.  To me, it’s interesting that the shop felt it worthwhile to advertise their store (and it’s website) in these races, as it must have been rather expensive (not they don’t have the money). But I’m glad they did, and I’m very glad the car one.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150930090251500&set=a.327760841499.163752.12936316499&type=1&theater