Tintin Merchandise

Tintin at Comic-Con

Visitors to Comic-Con this year will be met with a giant statue of Captain Haddock.

While obviously Tintin won’t have the presence he had last year, Tintin books and merchandise is for sale at a comic stand along with some other comics at the Last Gap booth. Judging from the pic below, some new collectible items from Weta are coming out. They don’t have these online yet that I could find, but I see busts of Haddock screaming and Tintin laughing in the background.

Though I can’t see it too well, Haddock’s face looks really intense with rage. I hope to see more of that side of Haddock in the next film. Tintin, in contrast, looks almost too happy for something I’d want on my shelf.

Sorry if these things are old news and I somehow just missed them on the net, it’s the first time I’ve seen them.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150924705276500&set=a.327760841499.163752.12936316499&type=1&theater


  1. Marissa

    Come to think of it, I don’t recall Tintin ever laughing in the first film. While he was always very intense and motivated in the comics, I always remember a little fun and light-hearted side to him. I understand it in the first film as it was a very fast-paced chase movie that needed him to constantly be on his toes, but I hope they make room for the more child-like, spirited side of him in the next one.

    That said, I do agree. I saw that laughing Tintin figurine, and I couldn’t help but chuckle as well. Perhaps that and the angry Haddock are foreshadowing what to expect a little more of in the next one. Because obviously Haddock didn’t have much of that rage just yet in the first film either (though I know that didn’t really come in until ‘The Shooting Star’ anyway).

    Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to the next movie. 🙂 I’m still very curious about what it will be, heck whether or not the story is even done yet.

  2. Stephen

    You know Marissa, I almost said exactly what you were thinking- these faces do seem to match the faces of the Tintin and Haddock I look forward to seeing in Tintin 2. That face Haddock has looks remarkably like this one:
    But that face doesn’t show up until the red sea sharks. The point is, the busts look more like the well-developed characters fans have grown to love than the character in their earlier stages.

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