Chaque Jeudi

Chaque Jeudi: July 5

This week, the cover shows a funny side of Quick and Flupke instead of Tintin.

Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 200 du 21 Août 1952

Quick and Flupke are two boys that get themselves into a lot of trouble, but I admit I have never had the chance to buy many of their books here and haven’t done so through the internet. I have read some from my library though. They are certainly a step below Tintin, but they are worth a read, especially to a fan of ligne claire or Hergé’s work. This particular cover I found extremely funny after reading it in French, just because it was so unexpected. Quick says hi to Flupke, but he sits in a bad mood and refuses to even shake his friend’s hand. Quick asks him what the matter is, but Flupke doesn’t feel like answering. Is he sick? Has something upset you? Etc… Finally, Flupke yells out something along the lines of ”What’s wrong? What’s wrong??? What’s wrong is that we’re in the middle of August, in the scorching heat, and Hergé keeps drawing me wearing A SCARF!!! I honestly never noticed it on him until he said it. I wonder if comic characters ever complain about what their cartoonists made them wear like little kids might complain about the clothes their mothers picked out for them. Did Tintin finally convince Hergé to let him pick out his own trousers by ”Tintin in the Picaros” ?

By the way, I”m curious whether or not you liked the change of wardrobe in that comic. I actually preferred the earlier pants, but is there anybody out there who likes the newer style more? Just curious. There doesn’t seem to be much in the Tintin world of the internet going on, so maybe a healthy debate over something pointless would help drive some energy into it. If you find anything interesting related to Tintin, I’d be glad to hear about it.






  1. Hazel

    Haha that’s really funny. Us authors (or attempting-to-write-something-worthwhile persons) really don’t have that much power over our characters… They are always going off and dying on us or falling in love with the wrong character or changing the complete plot line into something utterly different than what we planned. In return, we get to pick our what kind of hair and skin and eyes our characters have. And we get to pick out their wardrobe. I guess it makes us authors feel powerful, whether our characters like it or not.

    I think that Tintin’s pants in the Picaros make him look older for some reason…. I never really payed much attention to them. I’m not sure which ones I like better. I do, however, like the yellow shirt he sometimes wears with the brown jacket over top. It makes him look sophisticated. I think his regular brown pants and blue shirt will always be my favorite, though. They just scream Tintin!

    I recently went on a historical trip around the United States East Coast with my mother and grandmother and took the Beanie Baby Tintin (they actually look a lot better in person than online) along to take pictures of wherever we went. In Yellowstone National Park (where we stopped on the way), I was taking a picture of Tintin by their mini-grand canyon and someone came up and said, “Is that a troll?” So I explained to them that no, Tintin was not a troll, nor a dog, nor Flat Stanley, he was Tintin from the comics and recent new movie. It was pretty funny. They left with a bit of a lecture….

    @ Peter, are those giant donuts on the moon??? And we thought it was made of cheese….

  2. Anne

    I actually found the fact that his style of pants changed a little weird. I had a hard time paying attention to the comic because i found myself thinking, “why on Earth did Tintin decide to wear those pants???” It really messed with my mind and I became a little annoyed. haha! I got so used to Tintin wearing the other one’s that it was like Tintin, but not.
    I actually started talking to my mother about it and she laughed and said, “only you would find that disturbing!”
    So I guess I’m saying, I just loved the old ones so much, I cant love the new! 🙂

  3. Tintinrulz

    Quick is wearing a skivve too, in August!
    I’ve near cared for Tintin’s flares/bell-bottoms. They look silly, they’re distracting and they date badly. Tintin’s plus-fours were awesome and timeless. I don’t know why Herge bothered changing Tintin’s trousers this late in the game. It’s one of the few reasons why Picaros suffers as an album.

  4. Trix

    I liked the plus-fours! I don’t know why Herge changed them. But I suppose I never really noticed what Tintin was wearing.

  5. Mike Dutton

    I remember seeing a documentary once where Hergé explained the change from plus-fours to jeans. From what I recall, the changeover was made initially for the “Prisoners of the Sun” movie; they were selling it to countries that had not yet heard of Tintin, and they decided that the plus-fours were out of date for the time.

    I guess after the film was released, he just decided not to confuse readers with the change-over and just kept the jeans in “Picaros”… trouble there is that people STILL got confused…

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