Chaque Jeudi

Chaque Jeudi: June 28

Having lived in Spain for so many years, it is impossible not to get involved with soccer. I don’t follow Real Madrid or Barcelona much beyond the highlights, but I love to see the Spanish flags come out every two years for the world and euro cups. This one’s for everybody in Spain or Italy, as well as any true football (or soccer, as I would tend to call it) fans, or simply for anybody who never knew that Tintin was once drawn in a football uniform.

His face is really quite aggressive. And the socks are…well, they’re interesting, to say the least. Yellow and black are both colors in the Belgian flag. Can anybody back up my guess that that was the Belgian jersey in 1979?


Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 209 du 7 Septembre 1979

To a certain degree though, Tintin kind of looks like he’s wearing Iker Casillas’ uniform. It’s close…

Iker Casillas Iker Casillas of Spain celebrates victory during the UEFA EURO 2012 semi final match between Portugal and Spain at Donbass Arena on June 27, 2012 in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Come on Spain!




  1. Stephen

    I saw Iker Casillas in person in a parade downtown. I don’t normally go off topic from Tintin much, but I sure am glad we won!

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