Chaque Jeudi

Chaque Jeudi: June 21st

When it was first advertised that ”Explorers on the Moon” (or, more literally, ”We have walked on the moon”) would soon have its first pages appear in Tintin Magazine, people weren’t sure what to expect. And whatever they expected might have been wrong, if they based their guesses on this cover. Whoever the mysterious old man with the top hat is, he doesn’t show up in the books. He could, I suppose, be ”the old man on the moon”, but he still isn’t in the story. The following week’s cover has the moon with a mammoth on it…

By the way, would any of those people who months ago disliked that last poster that came out for the Tintin movie care to criticize the ”floating head syndrome” that this cover must have as well? Granted, these guys do have a bit more shoulders, but it’s pretty close. It was good enough for Hergé, apparently, and I’m now even more proud of the poster I have laminated on my wall.


Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 80 du 4 Mai 1950



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