Destination Moon, Explorers on the Moon

Amazing Destination Moon Cake

I just saw this today on the Tintin fan page on Facebook and had to post it here. Around Easter I posted about a really cool ”The Unicorn” made entirely out of chocolate. But when it comes to Tintin-themed desserts…this ”takes the cake.” The Destination Moon-Explorers on the Moon” two-part story is my favorite of all of the stories in the albums, so I am a huge fan of this cake! It has eight layers of sponge cake, is covered in red and white sugar paste, and is 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall.


The Final Product!

Making the cool moon surface for it to stand on.

I’m impressed.




  1. Trix

    That is an impressive cake. I also like the moon books! But in my opinion, if I made a cake like that, would I want to eat it???

  2. lalunafelis

    There’s a mooncake, and then there’s this.

    *is restrained from attacking and chomping it down like a crazed predatory big cat with a potential prey*

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