Chaque Jeudi

Chaque Jeudi: June 14

This one’s very interesting, to me at least, because it shows Tintin with a problem he almost never has: dealing with the press. Sure, there were a couple occasions where he was offered exorbitant amounts of money for an article he was going to write, but even when he comes back from the moon he has less press coverage than he does on this cover. And it seems he’s most comfortable that way. Especially Snowy looks generally frightened by the mob, but Tintin shows some of that too. The paparazzi may follow Castafiore around, but the leave Tintin alone.

Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 298 du 22 Mai 1981

By the way, this cover advertises a contest to win 50 Tintin beach towels. I have no idea how much money one of those would be worth, but I bet they’d be really, really collectible.



  1. stephen Author

    Yes, it does say that, but I don’t think we’ve heard official confirmation on that. Honestly, I think it would make a great choice, already being a longer story with less stuff they would have to add to make it a full length movie. But we were told a while back that Prisoners of the Sun was considered only early on in the equation in another less covered Horowitz interview:

    As far as Calculus definitely being on board for Tintin 2, I am excited about that. I haven’t posted about it because that was confirmed by Peter Jackson at the San Diego Comic Con a long time ago. But nonetheless, I understand you have not been following this site long enough to know all of that I really appreciate your leaving information. If you find anything else, no matter whether it might have been covered or not or even if it isn’t all that interesting, if it’s tintin, feel free to leave a comment.

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