Tintin and Friends on Chocolate ”The Unicorn”!

”Holy Week,” as it is known by all Spaniards, is a huge time of celebration in Spain, and a high season for pastry shops. I don’t know anything else about this one except that it’s in Barcelona somewhere, but to draw in customers and celebrate the Easter Season the shop has made the entire ”Unicorn” ship out of chocolate! The ship was made with over seventy kilos of chocolate, and took over 40 hours to complete! It’s not strictly accurate compared with the real ”The Unicorn”, but is quite an impressive feat and I think it is quite recognizable. I love this thing, and sure would love to see it up close…and buy some chocolate, while I’m there…

El velero para Tintín y sus amigos de la pastelería Bocí


Source: http://www.afuegolento.com/noticias/cocina/noticia/10488/rayos/centellas/velero/chocolate/tintin/el/capitan/trueno/otras/monas/pascua/%7C/fiestas/locales/populares/tradicionales/barcelona






  1. lalunafelis

    I’m a chocolate lover, and this has got me drooling. I’d be demolishing it in under 15 minutes…..of course, not before saving the figurines. I don’t want to end up eating Tintin and his friends. 😀

    BTW, Holy Week is also celebrated here in the Philippines(it’s a Spanish colony in the past centuries, after all), but it’s a far more solemn, even somber, affair, and everything about it is serious business; at least to the pious. Even the Easter day itself is not that cheerful or celebratory, except with the American-imported celebrations like the easter egg hunt practiced by the more Westernized people here.

  2. stephen Author

    @lalunafellis: You’re right. ”Semana Santa” or Holy Week is a very serious week for many really, and rightly so. The Lindt chocolate bunnies are starting to become more popular, but at least Easter egg hunts don’t exist yet. The big thing here is the processions of statues and flowers marched down the streets. But pastry shops still take advantage of the season (and the tourists). 🙂

  3. lalunafelis

    Same here with the statues procession thing, although there’s a far more elaborate affair come Easter dawn.

    BTW, I do wish that that shop also sells a small-scale version of the chocolate Unicorn.

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