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Tintin wins ”Art of 3D” Award!

Tintin has one more trophy to put up on his shelf, this time from the Empire awards, who gave the film the ”Art of 3D” award over such other nominees as Hugo, Thor and the final Harry Potter film. You can watch the video of Harry Hill’s very brief acceptance speech (Spielberg couldn’t make it to the event) here.

Last Monday I started posting scans of original Tintin magazine covers from a wonderful site Thierry found. However, in honor of the day of the week every Tintin magazine issue used to come out,  I will be posting them each Thursday. Thierry pointed out the interesting fact that in Belgium, at least back then, kids got Thursday off of school as a sort of break in the middle of the school week, but went to school on Saturday. So Thursday was a great day to come out with Tintin Magazine. I don’t know about Belgians, but I know at least in France they still go by a weird schedule…

So make sure to check back on Thursday!