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Baby Tintin

In a recent comment Thierry has pointed out to me the coolest site I have found in months: http://lejournaldetintin.free.fr. I’m not sure if it’s entirely complete, but from what I can tell the site has a scan of pretty much every Tintin Magazine issue that ever came out from 1948 to 1988! I have not been fortunate enough to ever get any of these and rarely even have the opportunity to buy a used one (they are very expensive now), and sometimes it bugs me because I love Tintin so much and don’t want there to be great drawings of him out there I haven’t seen simply because they aren’t in any published albums.  This site has solved that problem, and for that, Thierry, I am extremely grateful.

While you’re free to check the site out yourself, I plan to post an interesting or humorous cover picture from somewhere on the site every Monday. I imagine the covers are Moulinsart’s property, so full ownership credit is to be given to them. Usually, Tintinology is extremely wary of posting any official Hergé art on the site. Nonetheless, these photos, to my knowledge, are not commercially available (unless reproduced in a commentary, companion book, etc) so Moulinsart is no longer making money off of them. Anyway, all of the photos come from the site I previously mentioned. I’m just copying the images. All I’m trying to do is make some Tintin fans’ gloomy Mondays a little brighter.

As far as I can tell, the caption says (more or less) ”Tintin is one year old, and he will continue to grow.”

Journal de TINTIN édition Française N° 53 du 27 Octobre 1949

Here’s the first of those to come, the cover of the October 27th, 1949, issue, when Tintin magazine turned one year old. I love the concept of a one-year-old Tintin, with his hair exactly the same way he has it years later! I heard one movie critic contrast Haddock’s character physically with Tintin’s ”baby face,” and while Tintin´s face honestly didn’t bother me, I guess it is true that Tintin’s face does pretty well as a baby and, dare I say it, even looks kind of cute. I also love the ”angelic Thompsons” (with strangely tiny heads) who, despite not really having legs, still have their canes hanging from their arms. While the drawing is clearly chronologically inconsistent (it’s a cover, it doesn’t have to be),  Snowy is still the one drinking from a bottle and Haddock has a huge bottle of Whiskey stuck in his back pocket. I’m not quite sure why the cradle was so pink…and i’m really not sure what’s up with the creepy little devil in the bottom right corner. I guess Evil can’t triumph over Tintin?

Source: http://lejournaldetintin.free.fr/affiche.php?action=detail&asso=2&annee=1949&numero=53&menu=10&menu_id=42




  1. Stephen

    ha ha ha! That’s great! I’ll definitely post that one Monday. Actually I may change the date to thursday, seeing as they came out ”chaque jeudi”

  2. Thierry

    @ all,

    Your welcome guys, that post by Stephen has made me search far and wide about “Soyez Galants” poster. I still have not found anything tangible just speculation. By looking on the net I found this site and start exploring. It is gold mine for Tintin fan.

    Also Stephen, yes Thursday is better. By the way you might already know but do you know why the magazine was publish on Thursdays?



    OK, back then (until 1972) the day off for kids going to school was Thursday, they were going to school (in France for sure) from Monday to Saturday, so Thursday was kind of mid-week.

    Also the school system change having Wednesday has a break and going only on Saturday morning, I believe they kept the “Journal de Tintin” to be publish on Thursday until it end in 1983.

    Enjoy the site and thank for mentioning my name.

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