Maybe 2014?

One detail I forgot to mention from that article I covered in my last post is that Spielberg mentioned that, with a bit of luck, Tintin 2 might be done by 2014.

A lot of us don’t think that’s very likely…they haven’t even started shooting yet, and the first film took about five years to make. However, they were starting from scratch then…Certainly there are millions of things to be done for Tintin 2, but at least as far as designing characters like Tintin, Snowy and Haddock goes, they don’t have quite as much work to do. I have no idea how much time that could really save them though…but every minute counts.

If it does come out in 2014 it would face some competition. While much of the info online is often just one step up from a rumor, in the ”family film” category it looks like Tintin 2 will go up against ”Mr Peabody and Sherman” and “How to train you dragon 2,”  as well as of course whatever Pixar comes out with. Part will depend on when Tintin 2 comes out. Other big movies coming out are a sequel to this year’s ”The Amazing Spiderman” and, also a Weta project, ”Avatar 2.” That last one is scheduled for December, so if Tintin 2 plans to come out in the winter it might have a bit of a  hard time winning audiences, if Avatar 2 makes even half the money as the original.

Of course this is far from definite. Honestly, as much as I want to see Jackson and Spielberg rewarded for their hard work, I could care less about how the movie is received compared to how much I care about the effort they put into making the film. Let them focus on making it as good as they possibly can…even if it takes forever. I’m looking forward to seeing a movie that is even better than the first.

By the way, John Williams didn’t get his Academy Award this year for Tintin or War Horse. But he has won other awards recently, and even if he hadn’t I would still congratulate him for a wonderful job. The only music I had before the Tintin movie came out to associate with Tintin was the music from the television show, which got really annoying after a while. I’m looking forward to seeing the section on the Blu-ray disc covering John William’s score.


  1. Trix

    Hmmm…….probably not, but maybe they’ll make it for 2015, if they aim for the 2014 mark, just hopefully it doesn’t get released around Christmas again with all the other movies…..

  2. Isn’t part 2 of the Hobbit coming out then as well?
    Does anyone know if Tintin got an ocsar, or was even nominated for one? I’ve no idea how that all works but I was looking last night to see if they mentioned it. They mentioned Rango, and, well in my opinion TIntin is much better. So I was hoping it would get mentioned.

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