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New Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg Interview: Jackson will start working on Tintin 2 as soon as he’s done with The Hobbit

In a recent interview with Total Film, Spielberg and Jackson revealed some information regarding the sequel to ”Tintin,” . . . which is really not much information at all.

“Peter [Jackson]’s doing it. I wanted to do it, but Peter has to because we made a deal. I said, ‘I’ll direct the first one, you direct the second one.’

“And Peter, of course, is going to do it right after he finishes photography on The Hobbit. He’ll go right into the 31, 21 days of performance capture.

“We’re not telling the world what books we’re basing the second movie on yet.”

But didn’t producer Kathleen Kennedy say it’s going to be The Calculus Affair?

“We haven’t decided that yet. She’s throwing a monkey wrench into your story! It could be that. I like The Calculus Affair. So it could be.

“We have completed a story outline now. We have a writer on it. I’m just not declaring what it is. It will be more than one book, but no more than two.”

Why wouldn’t he go right to Tintin 2? It only takes a month or less on set to shoot!I see the wisdom of their choice of not revealing the stories just yet…Apparently it’s not Prisoners of the Sun, and it may or may not be the moon books (a long time ago that was considered as a better Tintin 3). That leaves no more two part stories, which means another combination of stories that is bound to receive mixed reactions. I was amazed at how well the two they blended last time worked, and especially after recently having read Horowitz’s ”The House of Silk”, I am firmly confident that he can write an adventurous story while respecting to the best degree Tintin’s original albums. So long as people understand they will not BE the original albums, the movie should be very enjoyable, like the first one was. However, if they wait too much longer I think I am going to explode. I have made little effort in concealing the fact that my vote definitely goes to The Calculus Affair. But what story would it go with? Maybe just the a small section of Red Rackham’s treasure to introduce Calculus, or do they plan on grafting in more than just that from one album into another? Jackson, I would really appreciate it if you don’t wait TOO long to reveal the albums to the world.



  1. Dae

    “Why wouldn’t he go right to Tintin 2? It only takes a month or less on set to shoot!”

    Because right now there are a lot more people looking forward to The Hobbit than Tintin. And since Weta is responsible for effects/animation for both they might be too busy to do both.

  2. Lilla My

    Peter (the 2d fan@
    And yet you took your time to comment?

    I for my part would still love to see a mix between Red Rackhams Treasure and The Shooting Star. Although I love The Calculus Affair too, just wondering a little which book would be the best to pair with.

  3. Ralph

    Like you think it’s criminal for kids to like the film?

    Face it, you’ve contradicted yourself here. You go on to people that they’re at you because you don’t like the film, when really, they’re at you because you simply won’t accept that people do like it. You make excuse after excuse, saying that it lacks this and that, when there are people here who feel that it does, including the admin of this blog, yet you demand evidence of this, acting like some kind of judge, and showing only two or three articles that repeat what you said, while everyone else enjoyed it, fans and tintinologists alike. Unlike those reviewers thought, you’re the only one who has the front to tell everyone else that they’re wrong. As far as you’re concerned, nobody can like the film, and if they say they do, they’re either mentally ill, have no understanding of Tintin whatsoever, or are just downright lying. A lot of people here think Spielberg and Jackson worked very hard to do what they did, and just because you didn’t like it, you have to do the whole “full of shit” attitude, which is childish in itself, but the only reason you do it, is not to make a point, like you try to convince yourself, but to anger and annoy people who enjoyed it. I didn’t like the film, but seriously, your carry-on is seriously annoying me too.

    The only reason you won’t let it go is because you get a thrill out of making its fans’ lives a misery for even speaking of it.

    If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have spent the last five months (nearly) going on about it. And when somebody catches you out, you delude yourself by saying nobody understands your statements, when they do, and you clearly have nothing else to say but repeat yourself and pretend nobody listens.

    I am willing to bet that you will continue to whine on about it in every blog until the next movie comes out, and I’ll bet that you’ll also go on about that film, even if you don’t see it.

    Stephen has asked for this to end, and Mike himself has asked if we can start over. But do you want this argument to end, or do you simply enjoy angering people here?

    I’m looking forward to your reply, Peter, because if it’s what I think it is, then I’ll have my answer.

  4. Peter (the 2d fan)

    I’m not whining about the film here, I just thought that phrase was a bit exaggerating, because it’s like saying “oh, I put cheese in a fridge, see my wisdom!” to me. it is nothing special, original, or profound to withheld some information so it doesn’t spoil the film.

    I have better things to do then repeating myself over and over, so I’ll just forward you to this:

  5. Peter (the 2d fan)

    and Kalli, instead of labelling me as a troll, why for Christ’s sake can’t you people discuss the movie, or in this case an article, like mature human beings for once? I just find that attitude pathetic, otherwise I wouldn’t feel like I had to write about it.

  6. Ralph

    We were able to discuss things reasonably before you came and caused trouble by bullying and degrading everyone who liked the film, filling their heads with how awful you found it, like it were a devil’s product, before they even saw it. Then when they said they liked it, you consider them idiots too.

    Not only that, you also have no right to say that to Kali. I got the answer I wanted: you had nothing better to say, and therefore repeated yourself by sending a link to a previous post. And regarding that, “why can’t I tolerate both opinions?” Well, why don’t you practice what you preach, and READ the message? I said I hated the film too. I found it boring, annoying, lacking much of the qualities of the books. So you see, I share your opinion, but I don’t shout about it from the rooftops like you! This has gone on for four months. Can’t you just once think that it’s enough?

    You keep acting like the bigger man. Well, if you are, you will let this mindless carry-on stop. If you stop repeating yourself, trying to make people angry, then no one else is going to repeat this. Like Mike said, it’ll be over and done with. But only you can do this, Peter. We do understand you, but your language and unkind behaviour in your words haven’t made it easy.

    I am not angry, alright? I just want this to be civil. The movie has gone, and therefore, we shall all move on. But only you can make the first move.

  7. Peter (the 2d fan)

    I’ve said all this before, even that I’ve said it before, and I wouldn’t need to repeat it if you’d actually read what I’ve said.

    “We were able to discuss things reasonably before you came and caused trouble by bullying and degrading everyone who liked the film. […]
    Then when they said they liked it, you consider them idiots too.”

    Where? find a quote and post the link, back up your claim. I doubt you’ll find one but if you actually do, I will apologize once again if it seemed like that. I’m not considering anyone stupid for his taste.

    “you also have no right to say that to Kali.”
    Oh, and why? Why on earth can my one-liner be considered “trolling” then? It was obviously tongue-in-cheek, not connected to the movie itself, and not to Kali…this doesn’t mean he cannot reply whatever he wants, but he shouldn’t be surprised when he’s told that he misunderstood something.

    “Well, why don’t you practice what you preach, and READ the message? […]Can’t you just once think that it’s enough?”
    Again, none of that matters here. My comment was not about the movie itself, but the attitude of the discussion after I had only talked about Stephen’s text. I stopped talking about the movie long ago. You can like the movie or not. I didn’t ‘shout it from the rooftops’ because I wanted to, but because some people here seem to have comprehension problems, which can be my fault, and like you, seem to read things out my posts I most likely haven’t even said (or meant).

    “But only you can do this, Peter. We do understand you, but your language and unkind behaviour in your words haven’t made it easy. ”
    The only example I can think of was my first reply to adesh who said I should stop to put down the movie because it was 3d, or to post the same on other forums, none of which I have done. where else was my behaviour unkind?

  8. Peter (the 2d fan)

    Thanks for the friendly advice 🙂

    The problem I had with not reacting is that it may look affirmative to him and others if I leave it as it is…well you know by now that I always do that and yes, it’s extremely annoying for me too. However I’m thankful that this time at least you understands what’s going on here…because I don’t, either.

  9. Stephen

    The choice to not reveal which albums will be adapted yet has nothing or little to do with spoiling the movie…certainly that info will be revealed long before the movie comes out. I bet they just want to wait a bit longer before they deal with the reaction of fans and interview questions relating to how they’ll tie whichever the next two albums will be together. Empire already wrote an entire article on things to expect from Tintin 2 based on the almost certainly erroneous assumption that Prisoners of the Sun is the chosen story they will adapt, which we have been told is no longer the case. It would be nice if Jackson would clear it up for these people and clearly state the books, but if they are, say, two books that many fans would not see going together at all,the film may be judged harshly long long before it comes out and generate different kinds of articles Tintin 2 doesn’t need right now. Especially since they have the brilliant Anthony Horowitz working on a script, who is more than capable of doing his research and figuring out a way to make the stories fit.

    I see how Red Rackham´s Treasure and The Shooting Star would combine fairly well…but could the slower storyline and lack of much variety of location or action live up to Tintin 1? I have a hard time seeing them having picked Horowitz unless they had planned on doing some kind of a action/mystery/espionage kind of story. I’m curious, what do you all think could be added to a mix of ”shooting star” and ”rackhams treasure” to liven it up a little? Anyhow, we know there will be no more than two books, so its purely hypothetical. But I’m interested anyway. 🙂

  10. Mike Dutton

    I think it’s almost certain that The Calculus Affair is the next film. I will be happy if it is, but I still want to be proven wrong.

    For a two-book merger, I’d like to think my idea of The Black Island/Land of Black Gold would be a possibility, but we know that that’s impossible; Haddock and Calculus barely appear in one of those books, and in the other, they don’t appear at all. Still, I thought it would have been a good idea.

    One problem I see here though, is that they’re being so excited about merging two books. Didn’t they just do that with The Secret of the Unicorn? Adding Crab as a means of introducing Haddock. I reckon that the sequel will be the same, only the introduction here goes to Calculus. But again, with Horowitz at the scripting table, the flow might work better.

    As for the first film’s pacing, which a lot of people did complain over (I didn’t mind it all that much myself), was probably due to the fact that it was new ground for Spielberg, and he was just toying with a new product. Jackson, on the other hand, has had years of experience with this, and is known for three-hour long films that have consistent pacing. I think the sequel will improve on aspects that didn’t work in the first movie’s favour, and therefore will make it better.

    It is a strict rule in the business, at least when it comes to making sitcoms in the UK, that even if it totally bombs, a second movie gets a green light anyway, to give the producers a chance to improve on anything that didn’t work before. Sure, Spielberg and Jackson are proud of what they did, and I did like the film, but they must surely agree that not everything is perfect, but a sequel is the best way to work on how to improve the situation.

    Okay, it’s 2AM, and I’m rambling like a jackass, so I’d better wrap this up… In a nutshell, I think the sequel will be an improvement. We just have to wait and see.

  11. Stephen

    Actually, the moment I saw thought part of the movie I thought of the Calculus Affair, as sort of an indirect reference. I wondered at the time if that might be a possible reason that they would not choose the Calculus Affair. But we’ll see…it isn’t so terribly obvious as to seem really redundant (like, maybe, doing the floating alcholol bit in a future moon movie might be. But by then it would be funny just because it IS happening again to Captain Haddock.

  12. Muffin

    I would love to see them do Flight 714 and the flying saucer. But first they have to introduce Calculus and Rastapopoulos. I’ve wondered about having Rastapopoulos in The Shooting Star to replace that Bohlwinkel guy, who is too controversial to use because he sounds Jewish.

  13. Meridith

    I agree with the main post. Calculus is key character to leave him out would be a crime. But if they were to combine red rackham’s treasure with the affair that would give people who aren’t ( and should be ) fans of the original albums an explanation about how the trio found the majority of rackham’s treasure.

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