”Tintin” takes home some more awards!

It won’t be winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, but that sure hasn’t stopped ”Tintin” from being quite busy winning awards lately. This Saturday it took home the Annie award for Best Animated Effects, which I think is WELL deserved, and also the award for Best music in a feature production. It recently got nominated for a similar music related Oscar award as well. I liked the soundtrack of the movie, especially certain sections, but I am surprised it has gotten so much attention from the awards, other than the fact that John Williams composed it. I haven’t seen most other movies that came out this past year to compare soundtracks, but I agree with Chris that I do wish there were some kind of a catchy theme that we were left humming months after seeing the movie. However, it was splendidly done, and I congratulate it for the award. At another event it was awarded a Lumiere statuette for Best Animated 3D Feature by the International 3D society. Added to the awards it already has, that leaves Tintin with quite a few accolades! With awards for best music, best 3D, best special effects and twice awarded best animated feature, the film has really covered all the bases. It’s kind of fun to think how that’s one award for every year this blog has existed up until the year Tintin came out in theaters. I’m really glad that after all these years, it’s winning awards. Congratulations, Tintin! I’ve very happy for you! I can’t wait to buy you on Blu-ray…

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  1. Proman

    Actually Tintin won more best Animated feature awards that that.

    It won the Satellite Award for Best Animated Feature and a slew of Critics prizes including ones from Toronto, Florida, NY Online, Georgia, etc film critics. It’s also up for BAFTA awards, MPSE awards and Visual Effects Society awards in which it led with the most nominations.

    Also, Tintin’s scorse is glorious. Critisising it for not being theme based (and for my money the theme that does exist is quite hammable. Seriously did we listen to the same score?) is a pretty a pretty narrow approach to scoring in general

  2. Andrew

    Actually, Tintin won 8 awards for Best Animated Feature, as well as 22 nominations. Which makes it the second most awarded film in the category, after Rango’s 17 wins and 26 nominations.

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