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Tintin on the Amazing Race

This is old news, but since it won’t be long for the next season of ”The Amazing Race” to be aired on TV, I thought anybody who might have missed this episode would like to see it. In case anybody doesn’t know, ”The Amazing Race” is a different kind of reality TV show in which 11 teams of two (brothers, dating, couple, etc) travel around the entire world in a race for one million dollars. The show is divided into 12 legs, with numerous fun, but normally difficult, activities teams must do before they can move on and one pit stop at the end of each leg. In most legs, the last team to each pit stop is eliminated from the race.
When the season is running, episodes come on every Sunday night on CBS. If you live in the USA you can watch the already aired episodes on until the next season airs. If not, you can either make your computer think it lives in the USA using some program out there, or you could just watch it on some other site, like this one:

If you want to find a different site, Google ”watch The Amazing Race Season 19 episode 11”.

What does this have to do with Tintin? One of the pit stops in the most recent season was in Brussels, and in order to figure out the country teams had to go to next they had to go to the part of Brussels where Hergé painted the frame from ´´The Calculus Affair´´ with Haddock and Tintin running down a fire escape on the side of a wall (I’ve been there myself, it’s a must see if you´re in Brussels). Next to the wall was a man dressed as Tintin. Each team at the beginning of the race was given two costumes that look exactly like the Thom(p)son’s outfits, complete with bowler hats, mustaches and canes. The teams than had to walk around Brussels in the early hours of the morning trying to figure out who they were! In typical American fashion, not one of them had a clue until they asked somebody. Once they found out, they had to find Tintin and tell him to receive their next clue.

All this is at the very beginning of the episode, so even if you don’t want to watch the whole thing you could watch the first 15-20 minutes to see the Tintin part. It’s quite fun to watch, especially because we see everything from an Asian Thompson to a Thompson with a beard! It’s hard to watch it though without thinking ”man, had I been on the show I would have known EXACTLY what to do!”

One final word of warning: this is the next to the last episode, so if you were hoping to watch season 19, you’ll kind of spoil it for you. But a new season is coming…


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