Are these men trying out for Calculus?

It’s been ages since I’ve tagged a post under ”rumors”, but it’s mostly because I don’t come across many believable ones. However, this one seems interesting, and should it be true I would love to know that this was the first site to publish the scoop. Mike Dutton, someone who frequently comments on this blog, recently left a comment stating that a friend of his told him of two men possibly trying out for Professor Calculus.One is John Hurt, the other is Sylvester McCoy.

Up until when I read his comment I hadn’t heard of either actor. John Hurt has played a number of roles and has won numerous awards over the years. He worked with Spielberg in ”Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, but it’s been too long since I saw the movie to remember a thing about his part. This has me wanting to watch the movie again, because his part in the film is allegedly very much like Professor Calculus. Here’s a random video off Youtube I found of him in a cowboy film.

Sylvester McCoy is best known for being the 7th doctor in Doctor Who, which might have pulled more weight in his being cast for the role if we had Steven Moffat writing the script. However, he has been cast in The Hobbit as the wizard Radagast. This part of the rumor seems very plausible because he will certainly spend a lot of time with Peter Jackson, the next film’s director. Here’s an old interview with Sylvester talking about Doctor Who.

I can’t say whether these rumors are true or not, this kind of news changes all the time. Whether it’s a joke or an actual inside scoop, I at least found it interesting. I haven’t seen (or remember seeing) enough of these two actors to say who I would choose as Professor Calculus, but if I had to pick based on the voice I heard in those two videos I would have to go with Sylvester. But of course these actors are very versatile and I have no idea how they’d really sound as Calculus should they try out.

Ironically, I think I would have picked John Hurt for Radagast the wizard.

Thank’s for the rumor, Mike! Keep us posted…

UPDATE: apparently the rumor started from this video on Empire’s site, an interview with ”Tintin 1” ‘s writers on who they mentally picture as Calculus:


  1. adesh

    Yeah, the one thing I found pretty ordinary about the movie ( and believe me) I am a huge John W fan. I own collections of his compositions right from old days and this is nominated as best score? I fail to understand,that inspite of having body and facial expressions as reference point, the movie was 100% animated. If you see behind the scenes of Rango, you will notice that even they used a lot of reference points. They just didn’t attach dots and sensors on people. I don’t get it..can someone explain? Sorry for ranting but this was really shocking to hear few days after it had won the golden globe and PGA award.

  2. NINTH DOCTOR. Sorry, couldn’t resist. 8-D

    I have only seen one small part with McCoy right before he re-generated into the Eighth Doctor. He seems like a good actor but not, what I would think as of Calculas. Then again, the man is an actor and could probably do the part well.
    Wasn’t the other man Ox in the new Indy movie? The man who went insane and at the end of the movie turned back normal? If that is him I think he would be amazing. That guy was a wonderful actor. Though, I know whoever they pick, even if it isn’t one of these two is going to be great. Peter Jackson can pick actors well 8-D

  3. geoff

    John Hurt is a great actor he played the elephant man, he was in v for vendetta plus lots of other movies. Not sure about him as calculus though. Sylvester Mccoy was the seventh doctor and was extreamly wacky as the doctor i didnt like him as the doctor as he was to much like a crazy and absent minded proffessor, also ratings dropped when he was the doctor and bbc cancelled the show. He came back years later to hand over the reigns to the 8th doctor in the US made pilot. Personally i think sylvester will make a great calculus just not the doctor lol

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