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Tintin to come out on Blu-ray 3D!

Up until not that long ago, your only chance of seeing a cool 3D movie in 3D was going to see it in when it came out in theaters. With the exception of a few DVDs that used old fashioned blue and red 3D glasses that, if the 3D worked at all, made it hard to take the movie seriously, there wasn’t much in the world of 3D DVDs. Almost just within the past year all that has been changing with new 3D TVs that work with glasses just like you use at the movies and 3D Blu-ray players to play everything from Thor to The Lion King in 3D…in your living room. Lucky for Tintin fans, that change came just in time for Tintin to be released in a limited edition 3D Blu-ray disc. Click here to check out it’s page on Amazon.
Of course I should say that it´s lucky for Tintin fans with a 3D TV and a 3D Blu-ray player, as not all of us have the money to spend on something so expensive. But at least, according to Amazon, Tintin on 3D Blu-ray DVD will only cost 17.99 pounds, not that much more (if more at all) than it will cost on ordinary Blu-ray disc. On top of that, the box says it includes a 3D Blu-ray disc AND a normal Blu-ray disc. So if you´re thinking of buying it for Blu-ray, which if you can I would highly recommend, you probably want to pick up this ´´limited edition´´ copy. Even if you don´t have a 3D TV (like me) you´ll at least have a copy of it in 3D in case you ever do get one. Maybe some friends of yours have 3D TVs or might get one and you can watch Tintin at their house.In any case, it would be a pity to want it in the future and not have it and have to fall victim to the people on Ebay that could seriously overcharge you for this kind of thing. Or maybe (hopefully) the disc will hang around and be easy to buy in stores or at least online so that, when and if the year comes that we ALL have 3D TVs, Tintin is a part of our collection.
Of course, if you don´t like the 3D in the movie or just 3D in general this isn´t huge news for you. But maybe at least this will be: in France a special limited edition set of the blu-ray disc, DVD disc and a Snowy figurine will be sold in a box for 50 euros. The figurine is currently being sold at Weta´s site for 40 dollars, so you save…well, not all that much. But at least you can get it ordered from Amazon for probably lesser shipping costs. You can check out that page here.


  1. Trix

    Well, I don’t have a 3D TV or a 3D Bluray player, which is disappointing (I quite like the 3D!). I am definitely getting the DVD/bluray version though!

  2. Mike Dutton

    I enjoyed the 3D too, but since I only have a standard DVD player, that’ll be good enough for me. All that matters to me is seeing the movie again.

  3. I like 3D but they always seem broken to me. The only real 3D I was able to notice really well was when Sakhrine jabs his walking stick at Tom. Still, I’d get it if I had a blue ray player and TV. Now I really want a blue ray.
    Also! I was able to see it at the IMax!!! Everyone should go there to see it. Best way to watch it I think. 8-D

  4. Proman

    The 3D in the movie was absolutely amazing and essential. Bravo to Spielberg and Co for not using it to throw things in the audience but for giving the character’s bodies density, volume and definition. What an amazing movie to own and watch in 3D!

  5. Trix

    They have put out Tintin popcorn and drinks at our cinemas! Don’t know why it’s so late, though. It also came with one of thos 3 books that we saw earlier eg. Danger at Sea, I think they were for free.

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